Christmas Ribbon Foxes

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He is making the list and he is checking it twice. Have you been naughty or have you been nice? Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox versions, and 3 clothes colors for each. There is inventory system for the clothes, please be careful in the public worlds. Import into a project with: Poiyomi Toon Shader V4.3. Newer version maybe also works but I have not tested. and Dynamic Bones V1.2.0 Drag and drop the Avatar prefab into your scene and upload.

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Hell raven okuu 1575827628 ago

it works, you're all just retarded lmao

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fghb323 1575802489 ago

Dosent work

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Ordinal 1575799263 ago

Yea i don't understand how to do this at all lol and i'm not stupid. You say to drag the prefab in, but nothing is listed as that and when I drag xmas2 into the assets, the skin is completely untextured.

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nanights98 1575591037 ago

ERP When?

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Yourmomisbeautiful 1575491213 ago

You don't remove socks DansGame

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squidge422 1575489137 ago

I've been having trouble uploading the avatar. The SDK won't select the prefab I put in the scene and the error is saying the model doesn't exist

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oof 1575457912 ago

Yuh I aint a furry but thats hot

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Nyantastic 1575440874 ago

niggas really out here tryna make me nut mid game... as soon as i see this avi its all over xd

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Rogi 1575437319 ago

uhhh ummm yeeaaahhh

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redraven626 1575384058 ago


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Kimi Yagami 1575382247 ago

keep socks on

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NeganVR 1575361255 ago


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Red134 1575359965 ago

gulag sex

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Joseph Joestar 1575355801 ago

Erp sex

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JapariNeko 1575345964 ago

kemono christmas best christmas

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