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Christmas Ribbon Foxes Screenshot Christmas Ribbon Foxes Screenshot

4.2K Total Downloads

99.9K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


He is making the list and he is checking it twice. Have you been naughty or have you been nice?
Silver Fox and Ezo Red Fox versions, and 3 clothes colors for each. There is inventory system for the clothes, please be careful in the public worlds.

Import into a project with:
Poiyomi Toon Shader V4.3. Newer version maybe also works but I have not tested.
and Dynamic Bones V1.2.0
Drag and drop the Avatar prefab into your scene and upload.

Assets (64 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/SilverBody.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/EzoBody.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/EzoHair.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/SilverHair.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/Body Specular Map.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/EzoRed.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/Emm.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/silver.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/Body AO.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/Body Specular Mask.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/Body Detail Mask.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Body Textures/Body Normals.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/_Detail Normals/noise.jpg
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/XmasSilverRed.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/XmasSilverBlue.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/XmasSilverGreen.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/XmasEzoRed.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/XmasEzoBlue.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/XmasEzoGreen.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Surprised Point 2.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/RockRoll Comfy 1.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Smile 2.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Thumbs Up Smug 1.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Fist 1.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/CrouchIdle 1.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Xmas Fox.overrideController
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Idle 1.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Open Hand Closed Eyes 1.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/Turbo Smug Point 2.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Global Animations/ENABLE_ALL - xmas2.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Shawl_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Boots_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Hat_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Socks_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Cape_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Ribbons_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Animations/xmas2/Disable Animations/Gloves_DISABLE.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/VelvetNormal.jpg
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/SilkNormal.jpg
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Atlas_460132norm.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Red/Shiny 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Red/Atlas_460132red.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Red/Silk 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Red/SilkT 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Red/Velvet 2.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Red/Velvet 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Blue/Shiny 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Blue/Silk 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Blue/SilkT 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Blue/Velvet 2.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Blue/Atlas_460132blue.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Blue/Velvet 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Green/Shiny 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Green/Atlas_460132green.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Green/Silk 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Green/SilkT 1.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Green/Velvet 2.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Materials/Tsufox/Atlas_460132.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Xmas/Model/xmas2.fbx
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Ctrl_Disable.controller
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Ctrl_Enable.controller
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Anim_Enable.anim
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Anim_Disable.anim

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oof 1575457912 ago

Yuh I aint a furry but thats hot

Red134 1575359965 ago

gulag sex

mtlinehand 1585297751 ago

do i need to use they dynamic bones or can i use something else

epxl 1581566636 ago

Waiting for the author to update! The mod is awesome!

tonytheofficer 1578442986 ago

the avatar, when i try to upload, says it doesnt have upper arms or feet, so i cant upload it. how to be fixing this?

Nephlye 1576037500 ago

could u please upload them separate and in a ready to load up format so us idiots can use them plz?

Hell raven okuu 1575827628 ago

it works, you're all just retarded lmao

fghb323 1575802489 ago

Dosent work

Ordinal 1575799263 ago

Yea i don't understand how to do this at all lol and i'm not stupid. You say to drag the prefab in, but nothing is listed as that and when I drag xmas2 into the assets, the skin is completely untextured.

nanights98 1575591037 ago

ERP When?

Yourmomisbeautiful 1575491213 ago

You don't remove socks DansGame

squidge422 1575489137 ago

I've been having trouble uploading the avatar. The SDK won't select the prefab I put in the scene and the error is saying the model doesn't exist

Nyantastic 1575440874 ago

niggas really out here tryna make me nut mid game... as soon as i see this avi its all over xd

seabug 1575437319 ago

uhhh ummm yeeaaahhh

redraven626 1575384058 ago


Kimi Yagami 1575382247 ago

keep socks on

NeganVR 1575361255 ago


FlobySop64 1575355801 ago

Erp sex

JapariNeko 1575345964 ago

kemono christmas best christmas


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