Grey Turtleneck

Uploaded by BrokenDot 1578513278 ago


Aight i made this model like 4 months ago. got ripped and is getting resold rn. so i might just put it in here so everyone can have it. Shader used on the model is Poiyomi toon shader. -> Download is in his discord

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BrokenDot Author 1578526313 ago

Who ever is downloading this i love you guys <3

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TheUnknownM 1578552579 ago

Sorry to hear someone ripped your model, It's very nice. :)

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Stinky-egirl 1578687464 ago

Imagine rias trying to sell this model for $60 ? pathetic

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Asukiru 1578536676 ago

Really nice model my dude <3

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eight 1578523495 ago

Fuck that ripper Rias. Amazing model tho!

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The Giver 1578943019 ago

rip = gei

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cupcakewarp 1578807129 ago

May I ask where you got the hair from

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RedTaction 1578759873 ago

What shader would you recomend using for this?

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ChristopherBuesch 1578701744 ago

amazing model <3

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Silenxce 1578619201 ago

Woah! A good dude model.

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Garisson 1578597853 ago

I'm new and I can't modify and integrate the character on vrchat can you help me ?

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NeganVR 1578561706 ago


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Feeling Bad 1579152440 ago

i uploaded this model to\ vrchat and some how i can hear myself with this how do i fix?

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Nihilist 1578835161 ago

I can't download the file... is the download link busted?

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