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Grey Turtleneck Screenshot

8.3K Total Downloads

197.1K Total Views

Asset Type Clothing and Accessories

File Type Unity Package


Aight i made this model like 4 months ago. got ripped and is getting resold rn. so i might just put it in here so everyone can have it.

Shader used on the model is Poiyomi toon shader.
-> Download is in his discord

Assets (46 files inside Unity Package)

Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/FingerPoint 1.anim
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/OpenHand 1.anim
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/14_zazen 1.anim
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/NewHairMale.prefab
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Swing Loop 1.anim
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/HappyFace 1.anim
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/MaleBaseOverride 1.overrideController
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Samba 1.anim
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/irony.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/blonde.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/ashes.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/chemical.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/timebomb.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/fireable.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Hair Textures/serialkiller.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/t013.bmp
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/feet_diff_011_222b_Redrose 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/vr_kr2(black).png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/jeans.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/feet_diff_011_222b_uni 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/Wolf Skin 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/face 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/Express.tga
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/Wolf Face 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/feet_diff_011_b_uni 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/vr.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/feet_diff_011_c_uni 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Textures/feet_diff_011_a_uni 1.png
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/New.003.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Material1.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/facial3.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Skin 1.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/skin.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Eyes.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Material18.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/skin.002.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/PiercingTip.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Material16.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/PiercingRing.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Material2.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Mat_38AED724.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Material1.001.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Hair.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/vr.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/Material17.mat
Assets/Broken's Avatar/Turtleneck/Materials/FaceL.mat

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BrokenDot Author 1578526313 ago

Who ever is downloading this i love you guys <3

TheUnknownM 1578552579 ago

Sorry to hear someone ripped your model, It's very nice. :)

Stinky-egirl 1578687464 ago

Imagine rias trying to sell this model for $60 ? pathetic

NeganVR 1578561706 ago


Asukiru 1578536676 ago

Really nice model my dude <3

eight 1578523495 ago

Fuck that ripper Rias. Amazing model tho!

HankTheTank59 1601232295 ago

It keepsfailing to upload the unity package to unity mate anyone know about that?

Nudul 1592945075 ago

honestly ik this is late af, but the download is broken.

The Giver 1578943019 ago

rip = gei

cupcakewarp 1578807129 ago

May I ask where you got the hair from

RedTaction 1578759873 ago

What shader would you recomend using for this?

ChristopherBuesch 1578701744 ago

amazing model <3

Silenxce 1578619201 ago

Woah! A good dude model.

Garisson 1578597853 ago

I'm new and I can't modify and integrate the character on vrchat can you help me ?

What am I doing 1677177179 ago

I can't seem to download anything, can someone help me? I am able to download but it says its an unsupported file

FreakQuinn 1662845037 ago

What version of unity is this for?

narcoto 1643429716 ago

Has anyone fixed the error while decompressing the package?

xFullHP 1617481567 ago

For some reason, Unity is saying it can't decompress the file. Feelsbadman

flyingbiggie 1609531099 ago

cant open it in unity help?

shiran 1607558236 ago

i can't upload it to unity, get a failing to import the package :/

Lupy 1601857257 ago

For some reason I cant insert it into unity

johan 1 1600368066 ago

l cant Download if your files is not compressed BrokenDot and l ask Friend of my had same problme he can Download files is not compressed

johan 1 1600367541 ago

l cant Download if your files is not compressed BrokenDot

PoroHub 1590602291 ago

hi there i really love the look of this avatar but i have no idea on how to get it working. do i have to use blender or unity? i cant seem to find the unity thing to load it in. very new to this stuff so sorry if im annoying about it

Io_is_tired 1590173600 ago


Mytchel 1587972323 ago

how to add in the shaders?

BunkingDojo 1587249062 ago

i know this is old af but it says that i cant upload this to vrchat due to there being no upper chest and the head and legs aren't mapped its ok if u cant help but it would be appreciated

LordBossMan 1583790382 ago

i cant download

Feeling Bad 1579152440 ago

i uploaded this model to\ vrchat and some how i can hear myself with this how do i fix?

Nihilist 1578835161 ago

I can't download the file... is the download link busted?


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