Luka Nyan

Uploaded by Satsuki 1519003114 ago


EDIT 21/02/18: Fixed an issue with some textures having black bars around them. Thanks so much for reaching trending, love you all! <3

Luka Nyan by [Inserting credits later lol]

Credits go to [Inserting names later]
Link to original model: [Inserting link later]

Sorry, but I can't find the original link to the model anymore. If someone has it, please post in the comments so that I can credit people!

Model converted to VRChat by Satsuki

List of features:
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Lip sync (Not working yet)
- Eye tracking and blinking
- Dynamic Bones
-- Hair
-- Boobs
-- Misc Clothes

- Finger Guns

Dances: Coming soon™

Everything you need except for the VRCSDK is contained within the package!

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Spencer067 1653631115 ago

What is the: Missing (Mono Script), in the inspector?

0 Reply
Satsuki Author 1534938291 ago

@NeoLights please import the Cubed Shaders to fix this issue!

0 Reply
NeoLights 1534085583 ago

its not working for me it just shows as pink

0 Reply
ShyPudding 1523232623 ago

This model is amazing, its just frustrating since I am trying to use this with full body but the legs bend in on itself, when clearly in the description it says Fully Rigged for IK. Could we please get this solved? I really do want to use this model but it looks so strange with full body >c<

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Oakieland 1521919725 ago

I wish you guys wouldn't tag so many things just to get downloads. Like this isn't a shader, don't tag shader.

0 Reply
BL4CKJ4CK 1520458313 ago

i fixxed the Lip sync and eye tracking

0 Reply
Satsuki Author 1519170153 ago

I'm sorry, lipsyncing isn't working for some reason. Sadly, I can't find the original files or the original link anymore. I will update the model as soon as I have found the link again! <3

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Malte Mortensen 1519060956 ago

My lip sync doesn't work

0 Reply
arcrox 1519059697 ago

Cute model and interesting rigging on the bones. Hair behaves weirdly when coming to a stop.

0 Reply
Rika360 1519009015 ago

me encanta el diseño TDA espero ver mas de esto... gracias por el avatar :)

0 Reply
DarkArrow 1519006283 ago

the lip sync isnt working for me idk why

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