Android 21 (With aura, laserbeam, and cupcake)

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Android 21 (Majin) from DragonBall FighterZ. Requires: - 100 best effects: Recommended: - Poiyomi Shaders - Dynamic Bones for the tail and hair Gestures: - Fingerpoint: Laserbeam - OpenHand: Cupcake - Fist: Dragonball Aura Using aura from Using lightsaber particles from Sharctic's lightsaber models

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Polygonal 1586824963 ago


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NeganVR 1582097647 ago


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Gr4yChap 1606185828 ago

cupcake poggers n-word sex

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kenvin 1598201715 ago

Help when I hit build and publish it doesnt do anything, I have uploaded other avatars from this website before but this one won't work.

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MajinAndroid21 1586132303 ago

The animator controller (CustomOverrideEmpty 1) is broken, it won't play animations, not sure if it's just me..

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lamia 1582588769 ago

It's a macaron not a cupcake

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coolestTicktocker 1582126670 ago

best to not sex, she'll turn you into a cupcake

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