LSPD Wolfboys

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Los Santos Police Department (L.S.P.D.) Wolfboy Law Enforcement Units inspired from Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). Includes 4 Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) Officers, 2 Los Santos Sheriff Department (LSSD) Sheriffs, and 2 National Office Of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) Officers. *This package only contains model files, due to problems uploading my unity package, but you can get the rest of the assets at this link: *Requires Unity 2018 (Unity 2018.4.20f1) and the latest VRChat SDK (VRCSDK2-2020. or higher) *Optimized for Full-Body-Tracking *Contains 8 scene files inside the "LSPD Assets" folder ~> Weapons Included: Beretta 92FS Glock-17 R8 .357 Magnum Revolver MP5A3 870MCS Police Baton Ballistic Shield Flashbang ~> Custom Emotes for both standing and sitting for desktop users; and gesture triggerable by doing keystrokes: Shift+(F1-F8). ~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by toggling the "rocknroll" hand gesture (firing gesture for all weapons), "thumbsup" (deploy Melee/ Ballistic Shield), "victory/peace" gesture (deploy Primary weapon), "finger gun" gesture (deploy Secondary weapon), "fingerpoint" gesture (reload weapon), "fist" gesture (trigger random voice lines), and "hand open" (to reset the gesture) Credits: GTA5 Uniform/ Gear bases ~> by Rockstargames ported by TDA Len Base ~> Weapon models ~> Battlefield 2 Project Alpha Mod, textures by JONES2011 Muzzleflash Effects ~> Aurora Dazzle Flashlight Ray Effect ~> Xiexe's Volumetric "Godray" Dark skin retexture ~> R10h7

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PoptartKnux 1588208559 ago

Disgusting creatures!

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ShortcutsVR 1588326141 ago

i want the original Ooka miko police avatars

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O-Loop 1588649180 ago

Kinda retarded rn, how do I import this into vrchat? I cant shove that download into blender and Idk what to do with it in Unity

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willis8080 1588590745 ago

I was hoping for Battlefield 4 jets.

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chickitychoo 1588469471 ago

Hey, PonySaurus_Rex, there's no texture for the FLAT CAP can I get some help on how to get that last texture, and if you can't, could you provide it, please?

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mindlessgonzo 1588380044 ago

The handgun model bugs out. Only barrel and clip shows.

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SweBerra 1588369888 ago

I like them :) Keep up the awesome work!

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Schzym 1588272536 ago


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OurHorizon 417 1588252037 ago

there is no link why?

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chickitychoo 1588212816 ago

This is beautiful...

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NeganVR 1588205866 ago


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Ni 1588201348 ago


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