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LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot LSPD Wolfboys Screenshot

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Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Los Santos Police Department (L.S.P.D.) Wolfboy Law Enforcement Units inspired from Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). Includes 4 Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) Officers, 2 Los Santos Sheriff Department (LSSD) Sheriffs, and 2 National Office Of Security Enforcement (NOOSE) Officers.

*This package only contains model files, due to problems uploading my unity package, but you can get the rest of the assets at this link:

*Requires Unity 2018 (Unity 2018.4.20f1) and the latest VRChat SDK (VRCSDK2-2020. or higher)

*Optimized for Full-Body-Tracking

*Contains 8 scene files inside the "LSPD Assets" folder

~> Weapons Included:

Beretta 92FS
R8 .357 Magnum Revolver
Police Baton
Ballistic Shield

~> Custom Emotes for both standing and sitting for desktop users; and gesture triggerable by doing keystrokes: Shift+(F1-F8).
~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by toggling the "rocknroll" hand gesture (firing gesture for all weapons), "thumbsup" (deploy Melee/ Ballistic Shield), "victory/peace" gesture (deploy Primary weapon), "finger gun" gesture (deploy Secondary weapon), "fingerpoint" gesture (reload weapon), "fist" gesture (trigger random voice lines), and "hand open" (to reset the gesture)


GTA5 Uniform/ Gear bases ~> by Rockstargames ported by
TDA Len Base ~>
Weapon models ~> Battlefield 2 Project Alpha Mod, textures by JONES2011
Muzzleflash Effects ~> Aurora Dazzle
Flashlight Ray Effect ~> Xiexe's Volumetric "Godray"
Dark skin retexture ~> R10h7

Assets (50 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/TRR8 Revolver.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Pencil.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/357 Magnum Spent Casing.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/TDA Len HECU gloves.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/aviators.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/SWAT Miko Helmet.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Police Baton.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/M92 Dummy.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/g17 dropped mag.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/g17 empty mag.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Ballistic Shield.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Glock 17.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Cop Wolf Hair.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Cone.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Cigar.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Glasses.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Earl Run 1.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/reticle plane.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/870mcs dummy.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/M92 FS.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Wolf Hair.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Wolf Hair Cut.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/TRR8 Dummy.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/mp5 dummy.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/9mm shell.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/reflex reticle plane.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Sheriff Base.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Micro Red Dot.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Sheriff Hat.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/TDA Len Scientist Base.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/invi box.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Wolf Tail.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Cop Shades.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Plane1x1.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/GTA5 SWAT Base.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/9mm empty mag.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/BF2 M4A1 Tac.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/TDA Len SWAT.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Flashbang.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Miko Balaclava Headgear (Parent to Avatar).FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/MP5SD.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/bf2 mp5a3.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/870mcs.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/m9 mag dropped.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Len Police Hands.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Police Base Optimized.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/GTA5 Weapon Lights.FBX
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/SM_ky_quad_centerRot.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/Shoes.fbx
/Assets/LSPD Assets/Models/bms shotgun shell.FBX

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PoptartKnux 1588208559 ago

Disgusting creatures!

TheLetterB_ 1607102274 ago

anytime I go to build it in unity it always comes up with many problems in console and never shows me the name page please someone help me

ShortcutsVR 1588326141 ago

i want the original Ooka miko police avatars

NeganVR 1588205866 ago


Alera21 1606877805 ago


O-Loop 1588649180 ago

Kinda retarded rn, how do I import this into vrchat? I cant shove that download into blender and Idk what to do with it in Unity

willis8080 1588590745 ago

I was hoping for Battlefield 4 jets.

chickitychoo 1588469471 ago

Hey, PonySaurus_Rex, there's no texture for the FLAT CAP can I get some help on how to get that last texture, and if you can't, could you provide it, please?

mindlessgonzo 1588380044 ago

The handgun model bugs out. Only barrel and clip shows.

SweBerra 1588369888 ago

I like them :) Keep up the awesome work!

Schzym 1588272536 ago


OurHorizon 417 1588252037 ago

there is no link why?

chickitychoo 1588212816 ago

This is beautiful...

Ni 1588201348 ago



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