Haruna Kantai Collection

Uploaded by Kylian 1589136668 ago


Models comes in the dress (no guns) version and bikini base version and of course, lip sync and a simple gestureoverride. the overal model and textures shouldn't be to hard to edit to your own liking. have fun. let me know if something broke or you need help with anything dis: [Kylian]#7269

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Zeether 1589553821 ago

Can you please put this in a scene so I don't have to spend hours agonizing over remapping every single material

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Lazzitocon 1589383459 ago

Bout time started appriciatin' Kantai Collection Avatars

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Kylian Author 1589304804 ago

neat! 100 downloads within 24 hours! More shipgirls comming up and feel free to send me a message on Discord to let me know who else I should upload!

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Ni 1589168072 ago


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NeganVR 1589147984 ago


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