Winter Casual Seiki

Uploaded by CakeLord 1590421649 ago


An avatar for the person who enjoys being comfy and cuddling with others. Includes Visemes, Gestures, Dynamic Bones, and Colliders. The dynamic bones are on the ears, chest, butt, and tail while each hand has one collider. Requires Xiexe's Unity Shader 2.2.3 or newer and Dynamic Bones. 42K Tris and 2 Materials.

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ELLAQ 1590658668 ago


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Vcc2812 1590433046 ago

Could you give me the model base please?

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GoldenBvck 1602755428 ago

Somebody named AppleGorn is claiming this + your succubus and clown is their own work in "Apple's Avatar Expo". I'm guessing that's not you and figured you might like to know since you work hard.

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DusyaDusya 1594991965 ago


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Brandules 1590679224 ago

Also dynamic bones don't exist on it whenever I put it into unity lol

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Brandules 1590676979 ago

How do I even get Xiexe's unity shaders in a unity package file?

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Ni 1590488968 ago


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NeganVR 1590472479 ago


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chickitychoo 1590436915 ago

her tits are bigger than her face

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sexfornegan 1590433663 ago


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andy00 1590433257 ago

yes please send me base this model im very like seiki style

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andy00 1590432440 ago

please can you send me original NSFW avatar you understand that it exists from the texture of the model

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