Raphtalia (improved)

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Bones and boneweights fixed, textures atlased. uses different shader and has all the features of the base model (gestures, eye tracking etc.) | Credits : https://vrcmods.com/item/5610 (with permission from CheinSojang) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868221078 | Dependencies : Silent's cel shaders (very flexible) https://gitlab.com/s-ilent/SCSS/-/archive/v1.6/SCSS-v1.6.zip Dynamic Bones and ofcourse VRC SDK :) | IMPORTANT NOTE : If the textures look low quality, you might have to change your unity texture import settings as it might downscale. (Assets>Raphtalia>RaphtAtlas set Max Size to 8192 for each file). | Glove mesh can glitch through the wristguard at extreme angles, sadly boneweights aren't helpful in this case and mesh would need to be edited.

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The Question 1591642411 ago

FYI there's a section of her dress in the front that isn't sewn up and there's a hole

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NeganVR 1591130805 ago


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Skugly 1591320950 ago


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sexfornegan 1591182136 ago


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Ni 1591175743 ago


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Mime0Tron 1600268691 ago

Good man.

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