Luka Nyan - black and green water(modified model)

Uploaded by StarlineBR 1520041475 ago


Modified model:
(open a new project, install the required plugins and run the file, because if your project where you run this avatar is very content, some avatar components may not work)
Template taken at the following link:
List of features:
- Polygons 17847
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Eye tracking, no blink
- Dynamic Bones
- Hair
- Cat eye
- Boobs
- Misc Clothes
- Not working Lip sync
- Finger Guns
- Snake(with sound)
-Thriller Part 2(with sound)
- Wave Hip Hop Dance(with sound)
- Dab(with sound)
- head_spin(with sound)
plugin used:
- Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master(already comes with the avatar)
- Tazo_shader(already comes with the avatar)
---------------------------------------------------------------Customization project done by a Brazilian--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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GrimmCalico 1523003671 ago

I seem to be getting a error when uploading? failed to upload failed to create file record?

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montgo 1522577177 ago

Does anyone know how to fix the lipsync?

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Rika360 1520223530 ago

mas bien parece miku por el color del pelo hahaha

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StarlineBR Author 1520131732 ago

I changed the colors by photoshop, using the standard texture files only by modifying the colors and replacing the texture files, the procedure is laborious.

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Gadredz 1520109520 ago

May I ask about the process of changing the colors of everything like you did? Like how did you change it from a black / purple to a black / blue? Other than that its a great Model. TY

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