DeathWing(World of Warcraft)

Uploaded by LightRuler 1520118571 ago


DeathWing From World of Warcraft

This is Non-humanoid Model used custom animations and controller.
The preview model(Not a Sketchfeb Preview, it say ingame) may seem strange to rotate, but it turns out to be normal. This is done by bringing the model back to correct for camera point errors.(Only OpenMe.scene, Not OpenMe2.scene)Because this avatar is not a humanoid model.
Unlike Sketchfab's model preview, the texture itself is correct.

2018.3.5 Updated: Correct the incorrect part of the symmetry.

2018.3.9 Updated. Foot Pos Fixed. Add Motion of Standing Animation. also camera position has fixed!

2018.4.2 Add a sitting animation, add a scene file with a third person viewpoint (OpenMe2, OpenMe is a first person view)

2018.4.3 Add a Falling Animation, And OpenMe2 Glitch Fixed!

2018.4.8 Added Flying version avatar of him. The DeathWing_Flying folder is the third folder, which is smaller than the original.

Cubed Shaders package Required.

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AftonGamerSquad 1600209874 ago

Please do Buckbeak(like the one in the movie but if u cant get a good model u can use the model from the game) and thank u

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ubisoft85 1526455132 ago

thanks! awesome! Hope to see more.

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EpicKnight5 1524743821 ago

Do I have to move the folders into Death Wing folder?

0 Reply
EpicKnight5 1524743661 ago

I have.

0 Reply
LightRuler Author 1524743567 ago

@EpicKnight5 You Must have to install the Cubed Shader on the Unity project.

0 Reply
EpicKnight5 1524743285 ago

It's all pink for me.

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marvelheroes101 1523144964 ago

How do you get the dragon to fly like in the preview

0 Reply
LightRuler Author 1522725166 ago

I Fixed Glitch of OpenMe2, you can use them.

0 Reply
LightRuler Author 1522670173 ago

I Updated Him Today. You now have a sitting animation, and you can choose between two versions of OpenMe (first person view) and OpenMe2 (third person view).

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redraven626 1520651904 ago

@LightRuler absolutely amazing! i love it!

0 Reply
redraven626 1520651878 ago

@Azhem i know where illidan is from, i was asking for his HotS model specifically

0 Reply
LightRuler Author 1520608130 ago

I added motion to his standing animation and modified his position to show his claws. If you want a perfect avatar, please download it again.

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ToucanFugu 1520470496 ago

This may be the only model so far that I seen that was actually ready to be uploaded. It was easy to wing it and I love it to death.

0 Reply
Meckitor 1520427378 ago

This is amazing, is there a way to make deathwings fly animation make the model fly also?

0 Reply
Azhem 1520312950 ago

@Redraven626 Illidan ain't from HotS, but W3/WoW. :P

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hamzajam790 1520274096 ago

you can make allosoruse model
or t rex

0 Reply
hamzajam790 1520251428 ago

i love this model

0 Reply
F 1520228116 ago

Great now everyone will have this model. :| Oh well, at least my version is still unique as fuck.

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redraven626 1520219767 ago

cant wait to see what you upload next. maybe some heroes of the storm characters? id love to see illidan!

0 Reply
Zearyen 1520210739 ago

Holy shit good job

0 Reply
voactress28 1520209623 ago

nice model <3 it

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Kurisutina 1520164024 ago

Epic! Good job!!

0 Reply
Ghoulyst 1520152925 ago

its not letting me upload cuz of the size, what do I do? :C

0 Reply
Benie 1520133406 ago

Oh... my god. You went there.
I love you. :)

0 Reply
DanteInfernow 1520120542 ago

@Wallow, Lich King in Shonzo's world, and since a recent update, you can log out and log back in with still the model you took from a world

0 Reply
Wallow 1520119990 ago

Any chance you could do the Lich King? :)

0 Reply
TheUnknownM 1520119451 ago


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