Malorian Arms 3516 (Animated & Optimized!)

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Perfect for burning a city. // Textures made by the talented Tomme150 (Discord: Tomme150#2492), using Substance Painter. Model and sounds made by CDPR from Cyberpunk 2077. Fully decked out with animations and optimizations done by yours truly! // Package will also include the raw, unoptimized model for any of you detail-lovers out there! // The optimized model is roughly ~9k polys with a small handful of material slots and a joined mesh and will work with premade animations. The un-optimized model is about ~30k polys with multiple un-joined meshes and is INCOMPATIBLE with the premade animations, you'll have to make the animations yourself.

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SaladoJoestar 1612875873 ago

A guy that actually took the time to optimize a model in vrcmods? i must be dreaming, guess ill say keep up the good work.

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SpitDragon 1612748382 ago

bang on

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LucarioNiiSan 1612588208 ago


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Daichiikun 1642174254 ago

So how do i add it with animations to a vrchat model?

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La Pegasus 1618964256 ago

So I'm a little confused about this. The description says that Optimized has Animations, but the hierarchy for the Firing Animation is using the Unoptimized Hierarchy instead of the Optimized one.

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GLD3N 1612848104 ago

Do I just upload this model into unity with my avatar model?

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