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Malorian Arms 3516 (Animated & Optimized!) Screenshot Malorian Arms 3516 (Animated & Optimized!) Screenshot

1.8K Total Downloads

37.9K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Perfect for burning a city.
Textures made by the talented Tomme150 (Discord: Tomme150#2492), using Substance Painter. Model and sounds made by CDPR from Cyberpunk 2077. Fully decked out with animations and optimizations done by yours truly!
Package will also include the raw, unoptimized model for any of you detail-lovers out there!
The optimized model is roughly ~9k polys with a small handful of material slots and a joined mesh and will work with premade animations.
The un-optimized model is about ~30k polys with multiple un-joined meshes and is INCOMPATIBLE with the premade animations, you'll have to make the animations yourself.

Assets (21 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/malorian_return 1.wav
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Optimized 3516.fbx
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Fire.anim
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Unoptimized 3516.fbx
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Silverhand Gun.unity
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/malorian_shot 1.wav
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Fire Anim Keyframes.controller
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/submesh0_Base_Color 1.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/grip_Normal 1.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/submesh0_MS_2.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/submesh0_Mixed_AO 1.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/submesh0_Normal_OpenGL 1.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/grip_Height 1.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Textures/grip_Base_Color 1.png
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/handgrip 1.mat
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/LED5.mat
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/LED9.mat
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/LED6.mat
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/arms 1.mat
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/LED8.mat
/Assets/Malorian Arms 3516/Materials/LED7.mat

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LucarioNiiSan 1612588208 ago


SaladoJoestar 1612875873 ago

A guy that actually took the time to optimize a model in vrcmods? i must be dreaming, guess ill say keep up the good work.

SpitDragon 1612748382 ago

bang on

ProjectFenrir 1696501724 ago

do i just draging and drop or is there more to the shooting animation?

DragonRagez 1671604659 ago

how'd you manage to get ahold of the sound files from the game?

Daichiikun 1642174254 ago

So how do i add it with animations to a vrchat model?

La Pegasus 1618964256 ago

So I'm a little confused about this. The description says that Optimized has Animations, but the hierarchy for the Firing Animation is using the Unoptimized Hierarchy instead of the Optimized one.

GLD3N 1612848104 ago

Do I just upload this model into unity with my avatar model?


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