Kanna Galaxy

Uploaded by slash2017 1520389983 ago


Você vai precisar dos seguintes plugins:
Cubed Shaders: https://vrcmods.com/reqs/cubedunityshaders.unitypackage
VRCSDK: https://unity3d.com/unity/qa/patch-releases/5.6.3p1
Configurado por Brasileiros
Creditos do Personagem:

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Im_Schiz 1588427790 ago

When I import her into unity there is this white thing covering her face, what's up with that?

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GamerShibe 1547772988 ago

theres a black box over her eyes in game

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jaginterface 1526511193 ago

awwwwwwwwwwww kanna<3 thanks

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redraven626 1522590302 ago

@anneturtles, at the top of the description for this model, theres a link to something called cubed shaders. download and import that into unity. its how you see most textures on this site

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anneturtles 1522568086 ago

I downloaded the character in unity but it came out all pink, anyway to fix that?

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Cyberknite 1521629805 ago

what a THICC galaxy

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redraven626 1520894412 ago

@nuclearsyrup so, slash goes from uploading BS files to stealing avatars? nice. reported again

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nuclearsyrup 1520867509 ago

It works cause they didn’t do all the rigging a meshing for it. Those are my files in the screenshot

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RYAN1993UK 1520725710 ago

very nice

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PapaSmUr4 1520633839 ago

how can i fix that in here face

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DanielSempai 1520458985 ago

Thank you i really love this custom <3

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MrD123 1520432795 ago

valeu cara, agr pra ficar perfeito so falta as expressao facial

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Coffee 1520418832 ago


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redraven626 1520392487 ago

holy shit. an actual upload from Slash that works. never thought id see the day

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