Runescape Skillcape v3 (Remeshed / Reweighted!)

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This is a revamp of the original runescape skillcape included in F's Oldschool Runescape Items upload ( I made it for a Subway-themed avatar, but I figured other people would probably find it fun to use as well. . - 4 Materials: Cape Base, Cape Icon, Cape Shoulders, & Cape Trim - 4 Textures, 3 of which are 1px color swatches. You can rely entirely on the shader color if you'd prefer to not use the swatch textures. - Two versions: A smooth version (no hard lines), and a sharp version (hard lines, looks pixelated like RS2 was) - Weight painted and ready for Dynamic Bone use! (Hooray) - Split meshes joined - Duplicate vertices joined/removed - Solidified and edited; greater tri-count, but no culling issues - 610 Vertices, 1206 Tris - Uses VRChat's Diffuse Mobile shader (Quest-Compatible!) - Included Scene with dynamic bone components already applied, just adjust settings to your liking! . Note: Do not use the Root bone as the dynamic bone component root, this bone only serves as an anchor for the static vertices (since Unity likes to average out non-weighted vertices, apparently). . To use in an existing Unity project, open the Runescape Skillcape v2 scene, then click and drag the skillcape of your choice to your existing scene. Parent the skillcape under the Chest bone inside your armature, then scale/position it to fit your model.

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