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Meow Skulls Screenshot

1.6K Total Downloads

35.1K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Meow Skulls from Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4 Battle Pass.

Contains both Meow Skulls default style and Cloud Nine variant style.

Requires Poiomi 7.3 or any transparent shader for the mouth material.

Assets (30 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Meow Skulls/MeowSkulls.unity
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Meow_Skulls.fbx
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Mat/Head.mat
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Mat/Mouth.mat
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Mat/Misc.mat
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Mat/Body.mat
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/BuffCatFaces.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/BuffCatFaces2.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Variant/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Cat_Head_D.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Variant/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Cat_Head_S.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Variant/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Cat_Head_FX.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Variant/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Body_D.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Variant/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Body_S.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Variant/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Body_FX.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Body_N.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_FaceAcc_N.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Cat_Head_FX.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Cat_Head_S.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Body_S.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Cat_Head_D.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Body_M.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Body_FX.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_Chillcat_Repaint_Cat_Head_E.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_FaceAcc_D.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_FaceAcc_M.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Cat_Head_M.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_FaceAcc_FX.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Body_D.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_Cat_Head_N.png
/Assets/Meow Skulls/Tex/Default/T_F_MED_ChillCat_FaceAcc_S.png

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BarryBananaDragon 1670981438 ago

so The Eyes For me Stay Closed In Game When I calabreate my FBT they are open then they close again they are also open for die animation but nothing elsr

Misosa 1664627680 ago

wtf is that armature bro

edger284 1664508930 ago

so i tried to upload it to vr chat, but the eyes get mixed up and are missing textures, and they arent seperate from the eyelids, just to let you know.

KWoodZ 1664342603 ago

Hey having some issues, the eyes and mouth are missing. Is there a way to fix?

roythesnoipah 1663961519 ago

I love you so much


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