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Tutorial on how to add your own idles/poses (Will update this as some stuff has changed, but it works for V1.400)

V1.400 (HotFix)
Just forgot to put the new standing idle in the Eternal Voyager Idle crouching blend-shape , resulting in the avatar moving backwards when crouching while using it. Since this is a hotfix, the version number stays the same.


I will now be allowing anyone to switch into my Better Locomotion testing bot so they can see my progress on it as I work on it, it won't change very often, but when it does, it gets updated multiple times as it's faster than building it locally

1: Fixed going from pose to idle animation using the previous idle animation when you reset locomotion
2: Added lock pose button to lock your pose, this only works on poses, you cannot lock your idle position
3: Changed the stand still in the idle animation's menu from a toggle to a button, doesn't change anything important, just keeps it consistent with everything else
4: Added buttons to slowly increase/decrease your height rather than just using the radial to do it, you still have the radial
5: Completely overhauled all of the pose menu's, it looks and feels much better
6: Shamelessly stole some icons from GogoLoco and used them in the pose menu (I'm a menace I know)
7: Changed the stand still idle as the old one acted weird with its left leg for some reason

Known bugs:
Switching idle animations quickly while in a dance causes that dance to break ; easy fix is to just replay the animation

Fixed the default laydown pose animations from breaking the neck when you weren't crouching, also removed an animator controller that was accidentally left behind from the last update :3

Better Locomotion > GogoLoco

Fixed seat issues. When you sat down in a seat, the idle animation used to break completely, it does not do this anymore

Fix some issues with going from pose to an idle animation, the issue was that when you swapped from pose to idle animation your avatar would freak out, the fix at the time was to click the reset avatar button, now it resets the avatar automatically!
Minor fix to the main menu, when you add the main menu as a submenu the "Better Locomotion made by DamnDanial101" used to not be centered, it now is

V1.2: Added New Idle animation and pose, mainly for a tutorial on how to add your own poses and idle animations, also updated logic in base locomotion so that now when you adjust height without being in a pose it puts you in the default pose, this should be the last update for a while unless someone points out a bug or something (please do point bugs out if you try my locomotion and run into any)

V1.1: Quick update forgot to allow movement of the arms while in pose, new update fixes that and allows quest or pcvr users to move their arms while in a pose

Better Locomotion allows you to switch between idle animations while in the avatar, it also has some sit-down poses as well, it's also super easy to add your own poses and idle animations or to change the existing ones

Assets (71 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Icons/icon_person_blue.png
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Icons/lock.png
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Icons/Friends_NoneOnline.png
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Icons/UI_ArrowUp_Bifrost.png
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Icons/UI_ArrowDown_Bifrost.png
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/proxy_stand_still2.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Hot Lay Down Idle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/vrc_ProneLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/IceKingIdle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/IceKingIdle/IceKingIdle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/IceKingIdle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/DrunkIdle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/DrunkIdle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/DrunkIdle/drunk_idle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/CuteIdleSwing/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/CuteIdleSwing/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/CuteIdleSwing/Cute Idle Swing.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/Crossed Arms/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/Crossed Arms/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/Crossed Arms/crossed_arms_fixed_no_verst.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/Gentleman's Idle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/Gentleman's Idle/spirits gentlemen idle 4.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/Gentleman's Idle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/EternalVoyagerIdle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/EternalVoyagerIdle/EternalVoyagerIdleFortnite - Copy.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/EternalVoyagerIdle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/StandAnim_NewUpdate/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/StandAnim_NewUpdate/StandAnim_NewUpdate.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 1/StandAnim_NewUpdate/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/DocMe Idle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/DocMe Idle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/DocMe Idle/DocMe Idle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Tash Idle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Tash Idle/Tash_Idle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Tash Idle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Gun Idle/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Gun Idle/Gun_Idle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Gun Idle/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Stand Still/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Stand Still/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/Stand Still/proxy_stand_still1.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/HackVR/Idle hackvr - Copy.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/HackVR/vrc_CrouchingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Locomotion Animations/Menu 2/HackVR/vrc_StandingLocomotion.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Param.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/SubMenu.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Action Layer Menu.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Main Menu.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Idle Animation menus/Idle Animations 2.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Idle Animation menus/Idle Animations.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Idle Animation menus/Idle Animations main menu.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Pose menus/Pose Menus.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Pose menus/Pose Main Menu.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Pose menus/SitDown Poses.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Pose menus/LayDown Poses.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Menu + Param/Pose menus/Pose Manipulation.asset
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Animator Controllers/Gesture Layer.controller
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Animator Controllers/Base Locomotion.controller
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Animator Controllers/Action Layer.controller
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Float Default/Float.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Float Default/Float 1.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Laydown Poses/LayDown/P laydown-back-stationary(ByGireison).anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Laydown Poses/LayDown/P laydown-back-stationary(ByGireison) UP.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Laydown Poses/Hot LayDown/Hot Lay Down Idle UP.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Laydown Poses/Hot LayDown/Hot Lay Down Idle.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Sit Poses/Relax/C floor_relax UP.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Sit Poses/Relax/C floor_relax.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Sit Poses/Criss Cross AppleSauce/Sit_Pose_By_Manish.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Sit Poses/Criss Cross AppleSauce/Sit_Pose_By_Manish UP.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Sit Poses/Badass Prone/Badass_Prone_Idle UP.anim
/Assets/BetterLocomotion/Version 1.400/Pose animations/Sit Poses/Badass Prone/Badass_Prone_Idle 1.anim

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