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Mega Man ZX - Model OP (Custom) Screenshot

29 Total Downloads

2.1K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Originally I made this as a commission for someone on VRChat. At the time I saw another x dive editor sell X Dive edited assets and I looked up to them. I decided that if they can do it then I can too. Not knowing the legality of it. I was later informed that selling assets from Xdive even if edited is not right and I also discovered that the user I made this for was not only talking ill of me and the model I did for them after they said they were happy with it and watched me make it for them in a live stream. But I also found out that they were a pedo who was talking to an underage user in a romantic way. So I made this project free. This is also using parts from transformers devastation. Enjoy!

Rules: Please credit me. Hasbro, and Capcom. Otherwise, be free and have fun!

Assets (29 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Model OP.unity
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Mesh/MODEL OP FOR ARES.fbx
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Model OP_Profiles/GameObject Profile.asset
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Mat/gun.mat
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Mat/nm.mat
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Mat/star.mat
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Mat/op.mat
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/OP M.asset
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Axe R.anim
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Sword.anim
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/OP P.asset
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Mask.anim
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Axe L.anim
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/FX OP.controller
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Gun.anim
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Left hand.asset
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Nemesis.anim
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Anim/Right Hand.asset
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/model op decepticon.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/Atlas_30843 em.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/Atlas_49443 m.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/Atlas_69633.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/emmission.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/Atlas_30843.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/model op decepticon em.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/Atlas_49444.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/model op decepticon 1.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/em.png
/Assets/Characters/Commissions/Model OP/Tex/Atlas_49443.png

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