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AI-generated gazelle Screenshot

19 Total Downloads

3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


was generated in minutes by Luma's Genie (currently free, in experimental stage)
Prompt was: "anthropomorphic gazelle, claymation style, T-pose"
Rigged with mixamo (I had to convert it to FBX because mixamo wouldn't take the glb or whatever. Also had to rotate it in blender since it was facing the wrong way)
Also added viseme in blender (optional)

If you generate your own, put "T-Pose" in your prompt and avoid loose clothing
It has trouble with realistically-sized faces, especially when there's a hat. It's great at busts though, so you could generate a body and then a head separately, and combine in blender.
It is best at toony characters, but is decent in general
I don't know a good way to remove the gray blobs that sometimes appear on models, maybe just re-generate
50k tris on every model: They should survive well through a decimation if you want quest compatibility
Fingers: lol good luck (I'm sure better ai-generators will come out soon enough)

Fellow 3D artists, i recommend getting a real job now xD

Assets (15 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style

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