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30 Ai-generated avatars Screenshot

80 Total Downloads

6.1K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


A bunch of random characters generated by the genie ai and rigged with mixamo (no visemes or such). 50k each

can be tested in the vrchat world "Ai-generated 3d world & avatars" which is also made out of ai-generated 3d assets

tip to pro 3d artists: yes, ai will take your profits, but don't stop making art! it's why you started doing it in the first place, because you like doing it

Credits to the prompt writers: (sorry there are too many and i need to sleep)

Assets (108 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/aigenerated/zombie BlackSanta.vr _cartoony stylized handpainted zombie_.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/zz psych alien.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/chibi fennec.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/Orange Robot.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z soldier dyko139 USA soldier t pose.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/cartoon man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/female soldier.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/chimp cartoony styilzed handpainted orange orangutan t pose.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/anime man clothed.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/ai avatars.unity
/Assets/aigenerated/furry jacket headphones.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/anime neko.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/Superhero virtualintel _dope MetaHuman superhero in a T-pose_.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/glass man Macgregor.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/z Trex.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z business man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z orang.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z orang Stylized Hand Painted Orangutan Tpose.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/nauga monster.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/Surfer kid.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z psych alien h0k33.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/psychedelic cat Fibelius.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/banana bird.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/gorilla BlackSantaVR.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/naugie monster.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/banana bird.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/anime man clothed.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/wooden spec.png
/Assets/aigenerated/z urban man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/psychedelic cat.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/business Garry’s mod avatar man in suit.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/guy willplez.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/z army man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/Wooden steampunk smurf.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/urban man cartoony styilzed handpainted urban character t pose full body.glb.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/robot kid ddddshl.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/furry jacket headphones hamada880.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/female soldier hamada880.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/anime man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/chibi fennec.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/fox character 846STUDIOS.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/fat man.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/Surfer kid AoMorghulis.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/cartoon man.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/female bikini.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/Fox character.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z trex -army solider character with mask tpose'.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/anime neko.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/Glass Man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/anime man.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/Robot Kid.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/z bear cartoony styilzed handpainted brown bear t pose tall and big.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/female bikini.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/orange robot Art Of Visual.jpg
/Assets/aigenerated/fat man.fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/skeleton/ai skeleton.unity
/Assets/aigenerated/skeleton/skeleton luma ai (1).fbx
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/anthropomorphic gazelle
claymation style
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/fox character 846STUDIOS.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/female bikini.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/fat man.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/nauga monster.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/cartoon man.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/gorilla BlackSantaVR.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/guy willplez.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/z trex -army solider character with mask tpose'.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/glass man Macgregor.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/chibi fennec.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/female soldier hamada880.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/Surfer kid AoMorghulis.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/psych alien h0k33.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/robot kid ddddshl.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/orange robot Art Of Visual.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/z soldier dyko139 USA soldier t pose.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/banana bird.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/furry jacket headphones hamada880.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/psychedelic cat Fibelius.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/z psych alien h0k33.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/Materials/Surfer kid.mat
/Assets/aigenerated/cybersuit/cyber suit.unity

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