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Fafnir Screenshot Fafnir Screenshot

1.7K Total Downloads

41.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


all those dragons but there is no model for the best husbando FAFNIR-DONO!!!
well now you can be in his shoes and show the world the power of a treasure kepper!!
my first attempt at modelling grabbing various parts from other models (ggo kirito, hijikata and alucard )
and probably my last as college starts over which is sad because i wanted to add a few animations
such as that energy bolleyball , the dark energy and his magic seals
i couldn´t test the viscemes as vrchat seemed to be unable to pass after the login (probably bad internet conection)
but they surely work as far as i know
this model has eye tracking, viscemes and dynamic bones also uses cubed shaders
let me know any trouble that this model presents and i´ll be glad to se you improve it your own way
for some reason i couldn´t upload it as a vr ready model but it is ready for use just open th 1.23 file
Edit fixed the known issues and was able to test it on vrchat

Assets (8 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/fafnir/1.26/fafnir dono atlas .png
/Assets/fafnir/1.26/fafnir 1.26.fbx
/Assets/fafnir/1.26/Materials/fafnir dono atlas_.mat

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Callmebird 1529875041 ago

Thank you for the answer. I'll just retry it a few times :)

manek Author 1529821127 ago

@callmebird it has mouth movement but lately some avatars are not uploading properly to vr chat i hope gets patched

Callmebird 1529679041 ago

Is there a reason that there're no mouth movements? Or did i something wrong while uploading?

manek Author 1528801410 ago

@leoninus he is from kobayashi san no maid dragon and the character is based from sebastian

Leoninus 1528687072 ago

wow, Where is he from? He looks a lot like Sebastian from black butler

Axel Road 1523426350 ago

Great work!

BloodWork 1523386780 ago


GrimmCalico 1523276078 ago

@manek <3 thank u so much downloading it now, you amazing :D

manek Author 1523274176 ago

@grimmcalico problem solved i hope. this time i was able to conect and test the model for a few minutes and worked fine.i´ll be waiting for more feedback :)

GrimmCalico 1523268252 ago

@manek :D sounds good >W< and just glad it can be fixed <3 i love it :D so looking forward to it! thank u for uploading him.

manek Author 1523248337 ago

@grimmcalicoaparently forgot to stop the test of the eye movement in blender it has hapened me before i´ll try to fixit tomorrow morning and reupload until then i´ll thake down the model


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