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Luka Arcade (Dances! :D) Screenshot

8.2K Total Downloads

195.4K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Luka Arcade by NoUsernameIncluded

Link to original model:

Model converted to VRChat by Satsuki

List of features:
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Ultra Glow Shaders
- Lip sync
- Eye tracking and blinking
- Dynamic Bones
-- Hair
-- Boobs

- Sword

- Pole Dance (With Pole :P)
- You Are My Senpai
- Love Me Like You Do
- Burn It Up

Everything you need except for the VRCSDK is contained within the package!

All our uploads can be imported into the same project! You don't need to import the VRCSDK every time. Just be sure to import the shaders and Dynamic Bones only once! If you're not sure, just use seperate projects, that works fine as well!

Look here for a video on how to import the avatars:

Duo-stream with avatar conversions every Saturday at 12pm est / 6pm cet!
Duo-stream with Games every Sunday at 12pm est / 6pm cet! (Both streams at the same time :D)

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Assets (83 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Luka Arcade.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - Burnitup.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade Sword.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - You Are My Senpai.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Pole.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - Love Me Like You Do.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - Burnitup.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - You Are My Senpai.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - Love Me Like You Do.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - Pole Dance.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade CustomOverride.overrideController
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade - Pole Dance.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade Sword.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Arcade Sword.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/Luka_body02.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/Lance11_diff.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/face.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/ass.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/Luka_D01.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/body2.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/brow.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/face_MikuAp_VM.tga
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/body.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/hair_LukaAp2.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/01.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/boots.tga
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Textures/pink.png
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 3/pitch-shifted-burnitup.wav
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 3/burnitup animation.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 3/burnitup.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 3/Materials/toon3.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 1/POLE DANCE.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 1/pole dance animation.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 1/pitch-shifted-express_pole_motion.wav
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 1/Materials/toon3.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/body.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/peg legs.002.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/body2.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/AA_Pole.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/boots.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/pink.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/peg legs.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/brow.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/peg legs.005.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/face.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/Lance11_diff.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/hair_LukaAp2.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/ass.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/peg legs.004.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/mmd_tools_rigid_15.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/peg legs.003.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/peg legs.001.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Materials/01.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 2/love me like you do animation.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 2/pitch-shifted-Love Me Like You Do.wav
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 2/love me like you do.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim 2/Materials/toon3.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/you are my senpai.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/sempai.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/you are my senpai.mp3
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/Senpai.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/Sempai animation.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/arcade luka (1).controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/You Are My Senpai.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Luka Arcade/Luka Anim/Materials/toon3.mat
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon Rainbow.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon Distance Fade.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Unit Shadowed.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Simple Gradient Sky.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToonInspector.cs
/Assets/Ultra Glow/Material/Ultra Glow - Opaque.shader
/Assets/Ultra Glow/Material/Ultra Glow - Transparent.shader

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Satsuki Author 1527459548 ago

Pole not appearing is fixed now! :D

Killerbee 1527467736 ago

Love this! Please keep up the amazing work you provided, I look forward to your future releases.

Satsuki Author 1527877732 ago

Teaser for Arcade Neko Miku

Celluki14 1527421541 ago

There is one thing that I love in this model : "boobs"

crustytoast 1639557551 ago

hi author! could you unprivate the video on how to import the avatar? I'm pretty lost ^^;;

OtakuTheUnicorn 1544130994 ago

I found a world on VR Chat using this model as a public model and not a private one.
I'm pretty sure it isn't ok to use a model with nothing changed and use it in a 'I made these models' world

Gujaro 1543789595 ago

it would be alot easyer if there would be thise "open this" file with all set up animations and so, because i got a file where i need to make everything on my own the mouth and eye animations and so on, scene descripter is missing too

HomieRuby 1535646831 ago

missing files to open it

Candyreaper 1535401800 ago

The feet are very weird looking. They basically look like sticks which is very awkward.

Kojouro 1529180549 ago

The sword doesn't seem to show up at all, maybe it's just because I'm in desktop mode (I've had props show up before in other avi's in desktop mode) or maybe it just isn't in the model? Idk.

Satsuki Author 1527889483 ago

@CamSki The UltraGlow-Shader should be included in the package. It can work as is!

Satsuki Author 1527877712 ago

Hey, Rockie.why don't you hop in our discord and see if we can solve whats going on :P. We will update that video link next week sorry for not having it up been very busy

Rockielove12 1527819033 ago

I’ve downloaded this model again after it was “fixed” but none of the dances show up for me or the pole please help ;-;

Satsuki Author 1527698042 ago

Is that a lore question, Cyberknite? lol

Cyberknite 1527680248 ago

what happen to her legs?

Satsuki Author 1527552405 ago

Hello Camski, the ultra glow shader is for the legs, so the pink parts glow. Its up to you, I guess.

CamSki 1527532785 ago

Do i "Need" ultra glow shader, or can the model work without the shader. Im asking because i cant find the ultra glow shader

Killerbee 1527468416 ago

@MarioKart7z You never seen prosthetic's?.

MarioKart7z 1527432628 ago

wtf is wrong with her feet

Weso2222222222222 1527422622 ago

The pole doesn’t show when you do the dance pole emote


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