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Almost every Fortnite animation Screenshot

26.6K Total Downloads

548.2K Total Views

Asset Type Animations

File Type Unity Package


Open up the FBX folder and do with that as you will
Orange juice:

How to use the emotes:
set Generic to Humanoid on the animation, click configure.
Next click on the head, remove the bone from the helmet (neck) and put head on the bone called head, hit apply.
Now there should be a clip in the prefab.
You should be able to copy the animation now, if not change the animation name in the settings and copy then.
- BloodWork

Assets (54 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_eating_popcorn_loop_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_SmoothDrive_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_IBreakYou_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_GrooveJam_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_Shoot_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Wave2_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Salute_Female.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Confused_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Rocket_Rodeo_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_EasternBloc_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Spray_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_HeelClick_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_IrishJig_Female.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Kung-Fu_Salute1_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_IHeartYou_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Flex_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_ThumbsUp_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_Disco_T3.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_RockPaperScissor_Rock_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Confused_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_FlossDance_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Dance Moves.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Chicken_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_FlippnSexy_Female.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_guitar_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/ElectroShuffle_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_Worm.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Breakdance_Female.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_RockPaperScissor_Paper_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_TechnoZombie_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_RockPaperScissor_Scissor_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Fonzie_Pistol.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Facepalm.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_RobotDance.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_golfclap_Female.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_DG_Disco.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_PopRock_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Yeet_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_DustOffShoulders_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_PraiseTheStorm_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_NoBones_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_Disco_T3_Female.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_BandOfTheFort_Idle.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Make_It_Rain.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_BlowKiss.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_RideThePony.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Hillbilly_Shuffle_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Hiphop_01_CMM.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Fresh.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_ThumbsDown_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Bendy_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_ClapperBoard_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Dance_Loser_CMF.anim
/Assets/Animations/Fortnite Anims/Emote_Celebration_Loop.anim

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planetpatrick 1601151697 ago


RitaLeader14 1568742072 ago

Hello, I need to report a user for reuploading my work on here. I don't know where to report so I need some help. A user, MyersPrincessYT reuploded my MMD Power Symbol and I want it taken down.

harrym12 1530721802 ago

how do i even change generic to humanoid for animations

Clyde Author 1530667471 ago

Read the description

harrym12 1530667288 ago

uhmm the animations seems broken and not humanoid please fix it

Rokon2 1529505397 ago

Can't check at the moment, but is this download just Fortnite emotes?

OskeinO 1529266167 ago

adding on what MarioKartz said you may have to enforce T-Pose on Your avatar when you publish and build cause i got errors when i didn't do that before hand. but like one user said earilier this would have been way easier if it was just copy and paste ready. im still having issues with the instructions provided and im still trying to fix em

MarioKart7z 1528900207 ago

That "animation config" that the guy below mentioned is actually the avatar configuration screen, and the pose setting is somewhere near the apply button (just in case you can't find it)Also, some of these will require you to click "Sample Bind-Pose" before enforce t-pose (to fix the legs)

TraidMurderer 1528872583 ago

No orange justice?

Clyde Author 1528758088 ago

You'll need more gameplay time in your vrchat account

Lulu 1528757167 ago

Awesome :3

ShadowPersik 1528756450 ago

Hey guys, new problem, i try to activate my avatar and error occured: can i do with this?

ShadowPersik 1528753691 ago

Thank you so much!

Clyde Author 1528752906 ago

In the URL you need to change it to vrcmods, for some reason its redirecting people to

BloodWork 1528752872 ago

the link is working, try another browser.

ShadowPersik 1528752813 ago

Guys, i can't download anything from here. What is the problem?There is an error:

BloodWork 1528746434 ago

well i guess those people are new to Unity

Clyde Author 1528746304 ago

Guess no one knows how to read the title

BloodWork 1528745644 ago

EDIT: remove the bone from the helmet (neck) and put head on the bone called head, sorry!

BloodWork 1528745413 ago

How to use the emotes: set Generic to Humanoid on the animation, click configure. Next click on the head, remove the bone called helmet and search for head and put it there, hit apply. Now there should be a clip in the prefab. You should be able to copy the animation now, if not change the animation name in the settings and copy then.

PublicSeaLion 1528743182 ago

I'm having the same problem as MarioKart7z

just weeb 1528716786 ago

download is empty how do i fix

Killerbee 1528711709 ago

So fast to download people don't read description lol..

MarioKart7z 1528704181 ago

How do i use these? If i select the animation it works fine with the model you provided, but if i switch to my avatar's model (or Unity's default model) then it just stays in the default pose

Woshi 1528704005 ago

I do not hear the answer, on animation of a bone others, and if to take unit model that it passes in a default a pose, If you switch the rig to a humanoid, then the animation disappears

Denk 1528689803 ago

You are a GOD! Thank you I've been looking everywhere for these!

Clyde Author 1528677016 ago

@TrixxedHeart Or y'know read the name of the upload /shrug

TrixxedHeart 1528676493 ago

Because that's how you normally actually download stuff on this website.

RogueMorty 1528669545 ago

Animation is pink

just weeb 1528667869 ago

How do I use this shit Clyde OMG WHY ISN'T IT COPY PASTE READY

thedragonfruit 1528666783 ago

does anyone have the orange kid dance ?

Hydrahead22 1528666656 ago

the animations aren't working

Woshi 1528665738 ago

I'm experienced in Unity, but I did not succeed, I need to process the animation in bender?

Hydrahead22 1528661992 ago

thank you

Clyde Author 1528660838 ago

Why are you guys clicking download instead of using the link smh


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