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GPU Particles v3 Screenshot

8.6K Total Downloads

196.9K Total Views

Asset Type Particles

File Type Unity Package


Setup Tutorial :

Reset Shape Script :
Reset Shape Tutorial :

Join the Discord Server if you have any questions and want to stay up to date !



Assets (40 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/GPU Particles/CreateResetTexture.cs
/Assets/GPU Particles/Static Particles.prefab
/Assets/GPU Particles/Desktop.prefab
/Assets/GPU Particles/VR 2-Handed.prefab
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/ParticleMesh8k.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Simulator1.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/TexData1.renderTexture
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Particles.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/TexData2.renderTexture
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Simulator2 shape.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Static Particles.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Simulator2.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Simulator1 shape.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/ParticleMesh524k.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/ParticleMesh2M.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/ParticleMesh32k.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Reset.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Simulator1 vr.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/ParticleMesh131k.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/ResetTexture131k.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/PlaneMesh.asset
/Assets/GPU Particles/Resources/Simulator2 vr.mat
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/vr reset.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/vr shape attract.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/vr push.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/GPU Particle Animations Desktop.overrideController
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/pause.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/GPU Particle Animations VR.overrideController
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/push.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/shape attract.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/reset.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/vr activate.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/vr pause.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Animations/activate.anim
/Assets/GPU Particles/Shaders/Visualizer.shader
/Assets/GPU Particles/Shaders/Simulator.shader
/Assets/GPU Particles/Shaders/ResetShape.shader
/Assets/GPU Particles/Shaders/Editor/ResetInspector.cs
/Assets/GPU Particles/Shaders/Editor/VisualizerInspector.cs
/Assets/GPU Particles/Shaders/Editor/SimulatorInspector.cs

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Brittle Knight 1588691152 ago

I don't think this works anymore

TripleSaed 1535016891 ago

Looks like non-friends are able to see'em now!

Game Forge 1534543259 ago

is there a way to increase the number of particles or make it more dense? or how about adding environmental glow? maybe a way instead of repulsing them, is there a way to just "throw" them in a direction, like a lazer pointer. i would try to do this myself, but i suck at unity

Dio Brando 1534477802 ago

No, it was I.

IMGSxPANDA 1534289015 ago

i was about to say if the creator wasn't quantum, i was about to be pissed

Yakumo257 1534283350 ago

Omg ty, I fell in love with this effect ever since I've first saw it and have been waiting for the stable release <3

QuantumHero Author 1534280824 ago

@Maebbie Yes, and that probably won't be changed unless VRChat enables Cameras for non-Friends again or updates to a newer Unity Version

Maebbie 1534280169 ago

Is it still only visible to friends?

DjLostMelody 1534278977 ago

I like it!

ggqf 1534278377 ago

+1 This is the original creator who will keep this post updated.


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