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Miko Ooka Screenshot

7.7K Total Downloads

183.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package



- Beautiful Awo
- Snail Drawing
- Custom Hand Gesture Emotes
- Dynamic Bones + Hand Collision
- Eye Tracking
- Eye Blinking
- Lip Sync
- Raise Ears

Gesture List:

Shift + F1 or Open Hand: Show Drawing
Shift + F2 or Fist: Mad + Raise Ears
Shift + F4 or Finger Point: Surprise Face
Shift + F5 or Peace Sign: Wink + Erase Drawing
Shift + F6 or Rock N' Roll: >.<
Shift + F7 or Handgun: Sad Face + Start Drawing
Shift + F8 or Thumbs Up: Awoo


- Dynamic Bones [Included]
- Cubed Shaders [Included]
- Snail [Included]


- 19,998 Polygons
- Must use both Open Hand and Handgun gesture to draw.
- Dynamic Scripts Located In Armature


- Kitsune Tsuki [Model Creator]

Other Models:

- Nanachi
- Pikachu

[Change Log]
- Fixed Raising Ears
- Fixed Gesture Controls

Assets (40 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lite Toon/Flat Lit Toon.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToon/FlatLitToonInspector.cs
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToonLite/FlatLitToonLiteInspector.cs
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToonLite/FlatLitToonLiteCutoutInspector.cs
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Miko Ooka.fbx
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Miko Ooka.unity
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Textures/tex003.png
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Textures/tex001.png
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Textures/tex004.tga
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Textures/tex002.png
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/MainOverride.overrideController
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Sound Effects/Urara Meirochou - Howling at the moon [High].wav
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Draw/Ink.mat
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/RocknRoll.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Happy.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Mad.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Point.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Sad.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Wink.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Awo.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Animations/Casual/Blink.anim
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Materials/tex004.mat
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Materials/tex001.mat
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Materials/tex002.mat
/Assets/Miko Ooka/Materials/tex003.mat

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Exoticbi 1584296441 ago


Hayan 1548311013 ago

To users, set the tex004's shader rendering mode to cutout 0.1 to get it right.

AFKBunny 1542462545 ago

Sorry, dude, my eye tracker doesnt work. What have i done wrong

Aetheryte 1536478595 ago

Hello, iv'e been trying to publish this avatar but i keep getting the pipeline manager error even after i detach the blueprint. SDK and Unity is up to date. Anyone have a clue

Deacold 1535685788 ago

Oh, and just click on the body, head to the descriptor on the right, and tap on the drop down. Mouse over CubedParadox, and select Flat Lit Toon. No more pink

Deacold 1535685685 ago

@Alfyboi23 So I figured out what happened, 'cause it happened to me, and the fix is rather easy. See, the model comes with its own cubed shaders, so if you upload your own, then the two will practically cancel one another out.So just delete the Cubed Unity Shaders folders in the assets, and reupload the shader. And there ya go. Easy fix, yah.

Alfyboi23 1535567710 ago

Since im new to this is the model supposed to be pink or is it something on my end?

Bosskill23YT 1534898429 ago

np just here to help

TheGoodGuy Author 1534839355 ago

@Bosskill23YT I fixed the ear rotation issue, thanks for letting me know!@253 Sorry for not being specific, I actually mean the hand gesture emotes, not the actual emotes. Though, if you want I can add custom emotes of any of your choices.

253 1534637726 ago

Wow really nice job on the model will indeed be using it. Also by custom emotes do you mean the hand triggers or the actual emotes like the dance, clap, backflip, etc.

Bosskill23YT 1534558210 ago

If you can fix the left ear that will be appreciated

Remori 1534338575 ago



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