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Fox Cutie (Eye Tracking, Visemes, Dynamic Bones, Face Gestures) Screenshot Fox Cutie (Eye Tracking, Visemes, Dynamic Bones, Face Gestures) Screenshot Fox Cutie (Eye Tracking, Visemes, Dynamic Bones, Face Gestures) Screenshot Fox Cutie (Eye Tracking, Visemes, Dynamic Bones, Face Gestures) Screenshot

8.5K Total Downloads

203.5K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Cubed's Unity Shaders:

Hello! First VRCMods upload, try to go easy on me. ^^'
This avatar comes with a cute little plushie that lays on your head and that you can take off in a gesture!! Feel free to take it off of your head if you please, but you can keep the gesture on if you'd like.

This avatar also includes:
Face Emotes/Gestures
Dynamic bones in the hair/tail/ears/plushie (HAIR DYNAMIC BONES CAN BE KINDA SCUFFED)
Seperate materials for the eyes (feel free to change the color or change them to both a solid color!)
Colliders on the hands for pushing around the hair/ears/tail and the plushy on a gesture!! <3
fullbody should work okay in this avatar, if not, me vewy sowwy ~

best to be used in VR, desktop use is still fine though!~
Also feel free to change the size, but be sure to change the avatar descriptor to fit a different height. <3 (she smol!)


If interested in commissions or anything like that, feel free to message me on discord.


Assets (90 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Cutie Vrcmods.unity
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking.fbx
/Assets/Fox Cutie/glasses.fbx
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking.prefab
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/fool 2.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/face_MikuAp_b.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/body00.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/g.bmp
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/shoes.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/face.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/TDAMIKU_strap.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/touka_rinAP_01.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/go.sph
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/face_RinAp.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/b.bmp
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/face 1.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/VestA1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/f_vita_cmn1406_pinkribon.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/face_LenAp.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/body00_MikuAp_b.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/BlouseA1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/VestA2.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/body00_MikuAp_b.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/tex002.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/fool.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/hair_rin3Ap.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/face111111!1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/BlouseB1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/belt.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/skin_rinAp.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/border.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/hair.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/miku_sw.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/CEar.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/4.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/shippo.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/Boots4.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/glasses.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/body02_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/sleeves.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/TDAMIKU_outer1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/CEar 1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/fool 1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/Eyeshadow1.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Textures/shorts.png
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/foxc.fbx
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/fox laying.fbx
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/fox laying.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/tex/öÆÄçâèâ{âô.bmp
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/tex/é¡édé-é¦.bmp
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/Materials/__.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/Materials/白紫リボン.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Fox Plushy/Materials/くろねこ.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/fox plush tail wag.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1) 2.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/handopencutie.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/foxcutiethumsup.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/plushieout.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1) 4.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie Controller.overrideController
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/foxcutievictory.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1) 3.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/okhandcutie.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1) 5.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1) 1.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/0_to_100.anim
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1).controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Animations/Fox Cutie with Visemes and Eyetracking (1) 6.controller
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/Material.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/Material1.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/hair.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/新規材質1.001.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/fool.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/shirt.002.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/fool 1.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/glasses.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/border.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/belt.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/s.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/Eyeshadow1.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/body00_MikuAp_b.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/f_vita_cmn1406_pinkribon.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/tex002.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/shippo.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/shorts.003.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/Material0.004.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/face.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/shorts.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/新規材質1.mat
/Assets/Fox Cutie/Materials/Boots4.mat

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TwentySsxx 1633521495 ago

SDK 3 or 2 ?

BRUH456 1629979930 ago

i can't even upload it, it says "prefab.unity3d does not exist" :////

Mikasa 1619919972 ago

Os outros vão conseguir ver??

ECLIPSE1234567 1590546415 ago

im gonna be that guy ahem "sex"

Molang 1584199676 ago

I made an account just to say this is my favorite avatar ever. I optimized her (2 mats, cat has 1), added emissions, trail renderers in her fingers, songs, and dances. Thank you so much uwu! My edit:

NOONECARES 1539125957 ago

Its that the great model creator uwu! Daaaam im your biggest fan, sign my shader pls!

TrevorLeviathan 1539125312 ago

:0 me like

u w u Author 1539046546 ago

Ty! <3

Cokey 1539036150 ago



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