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Ozen "The Immovable" Screenshot

1.7K Total Downloads

41.8K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


From the hit Ben Stiller film "Made with a Kiss." Now you can be Ozen The Immovable Lord. Tower over people and creep them out when your depression from losing your crush. Comes with jiggles for the skirt and cape, eye tracking, mouth movement (although might not work perfectly) and a custom animation to turn your face creepy.

(May need to change the materials from transparent to opaque. Be sure to select all of them so you don't do each individually. You should use CubeParadox shaders, and be sure to set an outline so the cape isn't partially invisible.)

UPDATE: The materials should map correctly this time, as well as the bones. If things are still transparent change them all to opaque except for the Scary Face texture. Try to make the scary face invisible by changing it to Cutout instead of opaque, and upping the alpha cutoff until it is no longer visible. Please tell me if any problems arise. I will try to make my future Made in Abyss uploads cleaner.

UPDATE 2: Everything should be clean now. Only one material and I made the aura of the creepy face darker to better fit the gloominess. The one issue that may persist is the creepy face material staying transparent. Just change it to cubeshader opaque and it should be fine.

Assets (10 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Ozen/Animations/Ozen (1).controller

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ZozoDaDemon 1554179263 ago

Hey, if you wanna fix the face issue, set the material that is japanese opaque and then drag the scary face texture into the albedo map in the material, test it to see if it works because it worked for me. (sorry if I'm extremely late, but I wanted to share it with people having troubles with it)

Woshi 1520878235 ago

Hey Fresh cat, I can not do a scary face, I corrected the color, I checked the animation, I checked all 8 buttons

thomass 1520706094 ago

Can someone spell it out for a noob like me? I just started with this and everything is pink and I don't know what's going on I just want to be a creepy abyss lady

Tyundris 1518336313 ago

Inside of the cloak is transparent, and as Animented said, the cloak is solid.

MadVladTheBad 1517692502 ago

make sure you load the unity file scene, just right click and open. Fixed the face issue by dragging and dropping "TheFace" texture on to the OzenFace material. When you look at the material hierarchy you will find it under Ozen/Armature/Hips/Spine/Chest/Neck/Head/OzenFace. Just make Sure you change it to Opaque like FreshKat said.

Animented 1517665933 ago

The cape is solid, how can I fix that?

Empyrrean 1517479062 ago

No dynamic bone scripts are included with the model. Please add them.

MadVladTheBad 1517087616 ago

Love these Models, the Ozen one is one of my favorites. Had to manually add the materials to the model.

Gartruil 1517032779 ago

I don't understand. Changing the materials to opaque doesn't change anything. I still have to manually put on each material.

FreshKat Author 1517031974 ago

Reg model is on the way, with fully working incinerator.

DankMemeCentral 1517025934 ago

I love your player models! Could you make a Reg model?


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