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Christmas/Nude Teto (dynamics, visemes, gestures) Screenshot Christmas/Nude Teto (dynamics, visemes, gestures) Screenshot

5.8K Total Downloads

144.2K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package

Marked as NSFW



I know christmas is almost over, but here ya go anyways.

If you want, you can disable her clothes in Unity for nude

Teto has 4 gestures:

Fist - Angry
Fingerpoint - Smile
Thumbsup - OwO
Victory (V) - Neko

uses cubed shaders

Need help, something wrong? message me on discord @ Eagle#4191

Assets (74 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Crazymoonreadme .txt
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/teto.Pmx
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/toon_hair.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/TN03.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/toon_skin.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/toon_defo.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Christmas Teto.unity
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Christmas Teto.fbx
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/lace.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/2.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Hair_Teto.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Choker.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/leaf01.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/nekomimi.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Kas_fur_base.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Kas_cloth_base.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/34.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/ApMiku_teto.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/body00_MikuAp_VM019.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/nuno01.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/ribbonL.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Hair2.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Kas_leather_base.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/body03_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/face2+4.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/ComPanty.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/body02_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/teto_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Kas_cloth_spe.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/face_Miku.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/bracelet01.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/snowman.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/s.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/Kas_haed_base.tga
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/tex/body00_MikuAp_VM019 (2).png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Anim/Smile.anim
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Anim/Angry.anim
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Anim/OwO.anim
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Anim/Teto.overrideController
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Anim/Neko.anim
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/snowman.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/nuno01.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/Hair2.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/Choker.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/Kas_leather_base.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/toon_hair.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/bracelet01.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/teto_MikuAp.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/body00_MikuAp_VM019 (2).mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/leaf01.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/ApMiku_teto.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/ribbonL.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/Hair_Teto.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/Kas_fur_base.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/Kas_cloth_base.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/2.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/nekomimi.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/ComPanty.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/Materials/face_Miku.mat
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/SphereCloth3.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/body00_s.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/spa_SSh2.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/hair_s.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/tex_pantsspa.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/L.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/body01_s.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/SphereCloth1.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/gold2a.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/wings_spa.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/SP02.bmp
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/hair_s7.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/metal.sph
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/gold1.png
/Assets/TDA Christmas Teto/sph/gold.sph

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rollthered 1545871041 ago

OwO what the literal fuck is this

ETHANN_FR63 1671678258 ago

how to fixe rotations pls*

rollthered 1545871061 ago

ten outta ten


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