Tails and Ears Pack Screenshot Tails and Ears Pack Screenshot Tails and Ears Pack Screenshot

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Asset Type Clothing and Accessories

File Type Unity Package


Assets (95 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/8/020031_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/8/8.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/8/020031_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/11.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/11(2).fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/Textures/020011_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/Textures/tail_d.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/Textures/020011_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/Materials/tail_d.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/11/Materials/020011_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/13/020013_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/13/13.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/13/Textures/020013_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/13/Textures/020013_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/17/020017_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/17/17.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/17/Textures/020017_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/17/Textures/020017_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/12/12.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/12/020012_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/12/Textures/020012_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/12/Textures/020012_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/15/020015_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/15/15.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/15/Textures/020015_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/15/Textures/020015_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/14/14.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/14/020014_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/14/Textures/020014_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/14/Textures/020014_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/4/4.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/4/020025_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/4/020025_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/1/1.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/1/020022_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/1/020022_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/5/020027_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/5/5.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/5/020027_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/2 Tails.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 3.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 4.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Tail.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 7.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 1.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 5.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 2.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Ears 6.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/8.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/3.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/6.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/7.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/4.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/5.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/2.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Textures/1.dds
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/1.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/3.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/8.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/7.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/5.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/4.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/2.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/More/Materials/6.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/9.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/9(2).fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/Textures/020009_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/Textures/020009_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/Textures/020032_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/Materials/020009_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/9/Materials/020032_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/10.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/10(2).fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/Textures/020010_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/Textures/020010_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/Textures/020033_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/Materials/020010_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/10/Materials/020033_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/16/020016_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/16/16.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/16/Textures/020016_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/16/Textures/020016_LynM_col1_N.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/2/020023_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/2/2.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/2/020023_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/3/020024_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/3/020024_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/3/3.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/6/6.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/6/020028_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/6/020028_LynM_col1_D.tga
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/7/7.fbx
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/7/020030_LynM_col1_D.mat
/Assets/Tails and Ears Pack/7/020030_LynM_col1_D.tga

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antfuze 1567920542 ago

For everyone complaining it breaks the model, open the .fbx in blender, delete the unwanted parts in there, export it and there you go, done.

TheUnknownM 1549569917 ago

Don't say that! Everyone is different in their own special way and everyone should always be nice and kind to each other and we all should respect everyone because whatever makes them happy should make you happy too. :)

Lucarieon2022 1649252653 ago

I love the set! But I’m having a lil trouble of the “Tail”, it has two tails connected and I only need one tail, is there a way to separate the two?

jeeno 1647165862 ago


CheinSojang Author 1586724974 ago

https://discord.gg/6wh3VY5 Make sure to join this awesome server too

AlexOwO 1582278112 ago

Used thank you so much they are so cute!

MrBaracu 1560703318 ago

"then delete the ears or tail"And this breaks the model.

CheinSojang Author 1560300959 ago

then delete the ears or tail

MrBaracu 1560264782 ago

"set the scales of either the tail or ears to 0 and your problem is fixed"No this fix nothing... You can see 0 too. Please fix it or say how it works.

Blaxie 1549992346 ago

Thank u, very nice pack, ez pz to use 10/10

CheinSojang Author 1549933293 ago

try fur shader

Blaxie 1549923357 ago

What shader do I apply to make the purple ears in the first image look like that? Mine look really strange when using cubeds or poiyomi shaders

CheinSojang Author 1549665129 ago

set the scales of either the tail or ears to 0 and your problem is fixed :^)

saiki kusuno2 1549652768 ago

hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm, uknow whats nice? i cant have either one of the parts YAY coz if i deleate one the last that i didnt deleate sticks to the ground! oh and i cant allso move them, so intresting! i cant use it at all! WOW good 10/10

srsly fix it coz currently its unuseble what gives it -20/10

SmolFluff 1549629636 ago

very nice upload thank you

PoppyGay 1549627406 ago

a.k.a "Isn't it enough that you are a weeb or anime ERP'ing retard in VRchat? Be a furry at the same time!" starter pack

CheinSojang Author 1549571049 ago

a.k.a "Isn't it enough that you are a weeb or anime ERP'ing retard in VRchat? Be a furry at the same time!" starter pack

Rubba 1549570328 ago

a.k.a "Isn't it enough that you are a weeb or anime ERP'ing retard in VRchat? Be a furry at the same time!" starter pack

MrQuyu72 1549566235 ago

a.k.a "Isn't it enough that you are a weeb or anime ERP'ing retard in VRchat? Be a furry at the same time!" starter pack


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