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Shadow's Dance Pack 6 Screenshot

4.5K Total Downloads

105.1K Total Views

Asset Type Animations

File Type Unity Package


These dances are all full length MMD dances with the song. If you want any MMD dances converted ask. Also link the youtube video, download location, and password in the comments.

~ This Pack Includes 5 Dances
- Follow the Leader (
- Solo (
- The Other Side (
- Umbrella Remix (
- Zutter (

~How to add dances to your VRC model -

~Check out my other packs!
- Pack 4 - (
- Pack 5 - (
- Pack 6 - (
- Pack 7 - (
- Sexy Dances Pack - (

I dont own any of these. I only converted them to .anim files. If the owner of the mmd (only the owner) asks to take down the mmd I will. Just post on the most recent pack.

Assets (16 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/The Other Side.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Follow the Leader.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Umbrella Remix.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Zutter.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Follow the Leader.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Solo.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Umbrella Remix.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Umbrella Remix.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Zutter.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/-Overrides.overrideController
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/The Other Side.anim
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Follow The Leader.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Solo.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Zutter.mp3
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/Solo.prefab
/Assets/Dance Animations/Shadow's Dance Pack 6/The Other Side.prefab

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ShadowWovle Author 1550389520 ago

I will be posting these packs after vrcmods fix the upload issue, where you can only upload shaders right now~ Pack 7 will have - Diamonds, Fighter, The Zombie Song, Taki Taki, Everyone Do The Flop ~ Sexy Dance Pack will have - Swalla, Te Amo, Work Bitch, Lean On Lapdance, Young Forever

twiixrus 1550211059 ago

can you convert this to your next pack, diamonds metal cover:

ShadowWovle Author 1550197736 ago

right click in the hierarchy go to audio and hit audio source

Genshadow21 1550179553 ago

how do u add the audio to the dance animation? i cant figure it out.

Zilaberri 1550127556 ago

Hey! I was wondering, could you do a tutorial on how to convert vmd animations to unity? Since the Unity update, I can't do it anymore.. maybe it's just me? But a tutorial would be really cool, or I could give you my discord. I'm beggingg ;-;

spinach 1550125339 ago

hii can you do this

ShadowWovle Author 1550119387 ago

yes but the model wont the 6 hands if thats okay

Echopanpan 1550115645 ago

i love your packs!!! would u be able to do this dance?

ShadowWovle Author 1550110333 ago


racnarok 1550106563 ago

I'm just a fan <3

ShadowWovle Author 1550087329 ago


2A 1550072089 ago

thank you very much for your work


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