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Desert Eagle (Particles, Bullets & Sounds) Screenshot

2.4K Total Downloads

55.1K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Drag and drop the prefab onto your wrist.

will need to set up the animation so that an emote enables the particles.

to do this hide the weapon after its on your wrist.
then set up an emote using this method

then open armature ->hips -> Spine -> chest -> right shoulder > right arm-> right forearm ->Right wrist -> DesertEagle

click the plus next to is active and do the another animation for the firing. which is done the same way. then set these up as 2 separate emotes on the avatar.

this is not for beginners you need to have learned some very basic animating before attempting this. but all the files are there

Assets (23 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Guns/Desert Eagle/DesertEagle_N.tga
/Assets/Guns/Desert Eagle/DesertEagle.fbx
/Assets/Guns/Desert Eagle/DesertEagle_S.tga
/Assets/Guns/Desert Eagle/DesertEagle.prefab
/Assets/Guns/Desert Eagle/DesertEagle_SP_D.tga
/Assets/Guns/Desert Eagle/Materials/DesertEagle_SH.mat
/Assets/bullet_tip/bullet drop/bullet_shell_low_DefaultMaterial_SpecularSmoothness.png
/Assets/bullet_tip/bullet drop/bullet_shell_low_DefaultMaterial_AlbedoTransparency.png
/Assets/bullet_tip/bullet drop/Shell.mat
/Assets/bullet_tip/bullet drop/bullet_shell_low_DefaultMaterial_Normal.png
/Assets/bullet_tip/bullet drop/bullet_shell_low.FBX
/Assets/Ultimate VFX v3.2.0/Particle Systems/Ultimate VFX/1 - Assets/Textures/Trails/tex_vfx-ult_trail_haze2.png
/Assets/Ultimate VFX v3.2.0/Particle Systems/Ultimate VFX/1 - Assets/Materials/Trails/mat_vfx-ult_trail_haze2-alpha-[2.0].mat
/Assets/Gun Effects/bullet.fbx
/Assets/Gun Effects/effects/smoke 1.mat
/Assets/Gun Effects/effects/flsh.mat
/Assets/Gun Effects/effects/muzzle flash.jpg
/Assets/Gun Effects/effects/smoke.jpg

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Lexicon Author 1550667603 ago


F 1550667577 ago

Stolen from Wigo.


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