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Akuma Miku Screenshot Akuma Miku Screenshot Akuma Miku Screenshot Akuma Miku Screenshot Akuma Miku Screenshot Akuma Miku Screenshot

7.5K Total Downloads

179.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


She have:
+ blinking animations
+ eye tracking
+ lip sync
+ dynamic bones
+ dynamic bone colliders.
+ 8 custom standing emotes
+ 8 custom sitting emotes.

She doesn't have:
- hand gestures.

How to install:
1- Be sure you have Cubed's Unity Shaders and the latest SDK.
2- Open Unity.
3- Open (Akuma Miku) file and Import.
4- In Unity go to Avatar/Akuma Miku and open the file (Open me).
5- Login on your VRChat account and Upload it.

Have fun ^^

Model made from:

Assets (59 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Open me.unity
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Sitting.overrideController
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Standing.overrideController
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Akuma Miku.fbx
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_Asi2.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/body00_s.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/hair_s.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_face_MikuAp2.tga
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_huku2.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/222.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/body01_s.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/toon_hair.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/skin_s.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_face_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/toon_skin.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/glass.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_Hada.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/toon_defo.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/slv.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/hair_MikuAp.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_huku1.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/spn02b.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/body02_MikuAp.tga
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/22.bmp
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/stars.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/k_hika.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/SkullUV.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Textures/hat.png
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/SkullUV.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_huku2.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_face_MikuAp.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_Hada.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/Material 3.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_huku1.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/hair_MikuAp.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_Asi2.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/Material 1.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/Material 2.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_face_MikuAp2.mat
/Assets/Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials/k_hika.mat
/Assets/Animations/Emotes/Standing/Taunt Gesture.anim
/Assets/Animations/Emotes/Standing/Dance/Hip Hop 1.anim
/Assets/Animations/Emotes/Standing/Dance/Hip Hop 2.anim
/Assets/Animations/Emotes/Sitting/Fist Pump.anim
/Assets/Animations/Emotes/Sitting/Playing Drums.anim
/Assets/Animations/Emotes/Sitting/Lying Down.anim

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Demanbane18 1528398763 ago

Bonjour LuluEst il possible d'avoir les textures de ce avatar en un seul ? ( MainTex ) Generated Atlas Bake

JohnnyTheDude 1522716269 ago

It seems to tell me that the avatar has too many polygons and that it's too large on one axis. I've looked and can't seem to find the solution.

Lulu Author 1521797964 ago

@eletrick33 I'm only uploading avatar that I made for my self, I don't have Oculus Rift, so that's why it doesn't have any hand gestures.

Lulu Author 1521797791 ago

@Mijin The 8 emotes are in game ( (, I only changed those 8 emotes to others (

eletrick33 1521581854 ago

i love this, the only thing that can make this any better is some hand emotes

Mijin 1521530557 ago

How do you get the 8 custom emotes to work? This site has no instructions.

locoMagic 1518513856 ago

Worked fine for me thx :D

Lulu Author 1517834856 ago

@landwhale The only parts I didn't decimate was the face and the hands, why you are saying the hands are heavily decimated?

Lulu Author 1517834688 ago

@TrevorLeviathan Be sure you have Cubed's Unity Shaders before importing.If you already have Cubed's Unity Shaders then go to Avatar/Akuma Miku/Materials, in there press (ctrl a) to select all items, then on the top corner you can change the Shader, change it to CubeParadox/Flat Lit Toon, it should look like this:

landwhale 1517811185 ago

Unfortunately the hands are heavily decimated, with bad seams on the front and back.

TrevorLeviathan 1517798288 ago

problmes loading the model, pink model and pink textures

Lulu Author 1517576180 ago

@obanstar Thank you :)

obanstar 1517548065 ago

this is an awesome avatar n_n (works perfectly)


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