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Riley's Hypno Shader Screenshot

4.8K Total Downloads

106.2K Total Views

Asset Type Shaders

File Type Unity Package


A shadertoy shader I converted and edited to use for eyes. Feel free to use it for whatever.
I do not claim this shader as my own. I simply converted and edited the original work.

Gif Previews:

Original Shadertoy Shader:

If you want to join the discord of my group, Baka, feel free! We are a friendly community looking to create a more welcoming environment in VRChat for new and veteran players alike:

Assets (1 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Riley Hypno 2.shader

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9tails 1557200366 ago


OMG Riley Author 1554423113 ago

In the end, I didn't steal anything from you, or any of your ideas. it's someone elses work that I edited in a completely different way than you to achieve a look that people have been doing since I started playing this game a year and a half ago. Sorry if you take any of this personally, but no harm was meant.

OMG Riley Author 1554423108 ago

Gonna preface this by saying I mean all of this in the nicest way possible:Your eye shader inspired me to make my own. I don't like asking for hand outs. I see something I like, I recreate it. Then I learn and understand more rather than just using everyone elses things. That being said, making things like this public is what prevents avatar theft. When you keep assets private, and people want it, they rip it and take it for themselves. And with it originally being someone elses work originally, there's no reson to keep it private in the first place.

DocMe 1554400033 ago

Chdata? What? xD

Chdata 1554397009 ago

And just so none of the bystanders here think I'm some random who's making up a story, here's a video I uploaded weeks prior to this submission, of the shader I was editing: I really hate to put out a message like this, but I think there's something to be learned about this situation.

Chdata 1554396443 ago

I've kinda lost a lot of my drive to learn how to improve my own branch of the shader and do more funny things with it for now. Not as much point showing this off to people when it's quickly become commonly known. The edits I made weren't really groundbreaking either.
I would've been happy to just share my edit with you and some of your friends somewhat privately, as I am quite grateful for the tip you gave me about using certain shaders, and you seem nice.

I suppose I just hope you'll be more considerate of the next person you find with a really exciting effect they were working on.

Chdata 1554396383 ago

I guess I'll come out and say it. I'm just not really pleased about this hypno shader getting posted.

This honestly feels the same as avatar theft - having something that was once unique and identifiable to me, suddenly end up being just distributed out to everyone.

The thing is, you did this by completely clean means. It's all entirely justifiable, and your own work. You found a very similar, though different, shader, which is also public domain (as most/all ShaderToys seem to be), and converted and improved it with your own knowledge.

(Probably with help from the the good ol' ShaderMan tool)

thenoobydooby 1554064647 ago

Def using this

Tupperisgay 1553906030 ago

Neko go hard yahrrr

RainbowLoli 1553901619 ago

Good version of Neko?

F 1553899992 ago

NEKO 2.0?


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