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SilVR Water Shader v3.1 Screenshot

3.9K Total Downloads

87.9K Total Views

Asset Type Shaders

File Type Unity Package


Tutorial has been uploaded to
It covers skybox conversions, assigning skyboxes, resizing, and various settings available
And while I'm here, forget to throw this down last time; Discord is Blake447#1834

3.1 patch: There was a main.scene file included in the old download that has now been removed. If you import the package and you named your scene main it will replace it so DO NOT import that scene

Its official, version 3.1 is out! We have *a lot* of new changes to the prefab, but it still works relatively the same. This version hasn't been too thoroughly tested in regards to user friendliness, so if you are a little shaky with certain aspects of unity, I would recommend waiting until I release a tutorial and see if there are any patches. I tried to make it as simple as I could, but be prepared to tinker a little bit Just in case. As always, the rig is pretty performance heavy, so do be mindful if you are considering large bodies of water. Deactivating the surface is not enough, you also need to deactivate the propagation rigs if you want to completely clear up the frames.

Before we begin discussing updates, I'd like to post a few friendly reminders of various set up things:
-You must import the VRCSDK before this prefab
-You must set up the layers in the VRChat build control panel for this to work completely properly
-You must use a cubemap for skybox reflections (to make the tree reflection or grey plane issues go away)
-Any part of the map you don't want interacting with the water should be set to the Environment layer
-If you change the aspect ratio of the plane of water, you need to change some other things
-Update to the latest version of the VRCSDK to be able to use and preview custom mirror shaders

As usual, feel free to message me on discord with any questions (preferably after I get the tutorial out, as I imagine there are going to be a lot more questions without it), thanks for checking this out, and as usual I'm sorry that it isn't very user friendly.

Assets (45 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/SilVR/Materials/Legacy/LRT_Normal_Map 1.renderTexture
/Assets/SilVR/_Prefabs/water_rig_3.0 1.prefab

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xXSenjiXx 1576865765 ago

ty :3

Dusya 1571288727 ago


LispingPanda 1556298212 ago

Cant wait for the tutorial. :D

Vindition 1554324395 ago

Just for reference, you should probably actually list your Discord Username with the associated #'s Seriously good work - although I've already told you that lol

ThiccBoiiiiii 1554205733 ago

I love this, thank you

BadWolfVR 1554112626 ago

Almost 100 downloads and I'm the first to upvote... Come on people...

Rubba 1554101579 ago



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