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Fallout 3/NV Power Fist Screenshot Fallout 3/NV Power Fist Screenshot

511 Total Downloads

12.4K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


"Similar in construction to the Big Frigger power fist, this pneumatic-type power fist is a large metal glove with a piston and ram built in above the wearer's fist. The piston shoots the ram forward with every punch, allowing the fist to deal more damage than most unarmed weapons. Unlike the Big Frigger brand, this pneumatic-based power fist doesn't use energy cells to operate."-Fallout Wiki

Design: This is the power fist design from Fallout 3 & New Vegas; the design allows for free use of the actual hand and is therefore more ergonomic, useful and just overall better than the hazardous amalgamation of metal used in fallout 4.

Features: I've made one blendshape for the fist to actually extend so there's no need for difficult animations. Additionally I've added bones to all of the fingers to allow for gestures if you would like to add it to an actual model.

Assets (4 files inside Unity Package)


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Little Nora 1555801780 ago

Ah, very nice. I will need this for... things...


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