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Sparsey's Comfy Couch w/Music (World Prop) Screenshot

2.3K Total Downloads

52.3K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Some scuffed random couch I made with lofi music to chillout with.
Using Inventory System to spawn this is preferred.
If its too big or small you can just scale it to preferred size.
Uses Mochie's Uber Shader: ( )
Customize it however you want :D

Assets (51 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Comfy Couch.unity
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/MUSPass.cginc
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Mochie's Uber Shader (Opaque).shader
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Mochie's Uber Shader (Transparent).shader
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/MUSDefines.cginc
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/MUSFunctions.cginc
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Mochie's Uber Shader (Cutout).shader
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/2 Tone.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/Soft Edge.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/Skin Soft Edge.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/3 Tone.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/Smooth.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/Hard Edge.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/Skin Hard Edge.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/LightingFoldout.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/LightingFoldout_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Version.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/RimLightingFoldout_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Discord.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/EmissFoldout_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Discord_Icon.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Version_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/EmissFoldout.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/ShadingFoldout_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/RimLightingFoldout.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Discord_Icon_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Header_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Discord_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/Header.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/BaseFoldout.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/ShadingFoldout.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Resources/BaseFoldout_Pro.png
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Editor/ShaderGUIHelper.cs
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Editor/MUSEditor.cs
/Assets/Prefab/Comfy Couch.prefab
/Assets/Prefab/Shiloh Mix.mp3
/Assets/Animations/World Fix Object.controller
/Assets/Animations/Prop Toggles.anim
/Assets/Prop Assets/Radio/Radio.fbx.fbx
/Assets/Prop Assets/Radio/textures/col.png
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Leather Sectional Couch.obj
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Textures/Object001_2015-06-24_01-35-53_complete.rpf_converted.jpg
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Textures/Object002_2015-06-24_01-33-48_complete.rpf_converted.jpeg
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Textures/Object001_2015-06-24_01-35-53_complete.rpf_converted.jpeg
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Textures/Object002_2015-06-24_01-33-48_complete.rpf_converted.jpg
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Materials/Object002Mat.mat
/Assets/Prop Assets/Comfy Couch/Materials/Object001Mat.mat

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Sparsey Author 1556345267 ago

@Ravio Pretty much xD

Raivo 1556222252 ago

basically a sketchfab couch with a sketchfab radio + audio source and particles...

DivineDOT 1555936183 ago

Boi, this is ripped from my friends' avatar...

Rubba 1555902564 ago

Boi, this is ripped from my friends' avatar...

ImLatte 1555890116 ago

Boi, this is ripped from my friends' avatar...


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