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VRChat - Gesture Manager v1.0 Screenshot VRChat - Gesture Manager v1.0 Screenshot VRChat - Gesture Manager v1.0 Screenshot VRChat - Gesture Manager v1.0 Screenshot

4.5K Total Downloads

109.1K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Hi Guys,

This is a simple script that will help you testing you animation before uploading your avatar to VRChat.
--- For a better tutorial you can check my GitHub page that has some helping images ---

How to use:

Once you have imported the package in to your project you will find a folder inside the Asset one named "GestureManager", there you will find the prefab you need to drop in to the scene.

Drop the prefab in to your scene and whenever you will enter in PlayMode the script will aim for the first active avatar that has an VRC_AvatarDescriptor with at least one controller override.

With this script you can easly test your combination of gesture in Unity ;D
For any feedback fell free to contact me on Discord: BlackStartx#6593

Thanks to everyone who tested my script:

- NayuVRC (Also for helping me with the Thumb ;3)
- F0X1Y
- Jack owo

And thanks you all for using it <3

- BlackStartx

Assets (54 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] STRAFERT45.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] PRONEIDLE.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] RUNSTRAFERT135.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] RUNSTRAFELT45.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] IDLE.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] WALKFWD.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] STRAFERT.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] PRONEFWD.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] STRAFELT45.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] RUNSTRAFERT45.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] RUNBACK.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] STRAFERT135.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] STRAFELT135.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] RUNSTRAFELT135.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] CROUCHIDLE.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] WALKBACK.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] RUNFWD.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] CROUCHWALKFWD.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] CROUCHWALKRT.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] FALL.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/MOVES/[MOVES] SPRINTFWD.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 6] Backflip.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 2] Clap.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 5] Dance.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 7] Die.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 8] Sad.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 4] Cheer.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 3] Point.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/[EMOTE 1] Wawe.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 5] Clap.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 6] Angry Fist.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 8] Disapprove.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 2] Point.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 1] Laugh.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 4] Drum.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 3] Raise Hand.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EMOTE/Seated/[EMOTE 7] Disbelief.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EXTRA/[EXTRA] Empty.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/EXTRA/[EXTRA] CustomAnimation.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Victory.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Fingerpoint.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Fist.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Rock&Roll.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] ThumbsUp.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Idle.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Gun.anim
/Assets/GestureManager/Animations/GESTURE/[GESTURE] Open.anim

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Dusya 1561072529 ago


Milcca 1559736784 ago

This script is kinda huge... Made this thing myself, with just creating an override and applying it in playmode and then deleting states and adding some through the EditorWindow

Paranoias Big Venom 1558851156 ago

My cock

F0X1Y 1557510456 ago


Red134 1557470562 ago

no you cant have my vrc login info

BlackStartx Author 1557255635 ago

@LaLaLaend Uh, right now I think the most probable cause is that you already have a script whit a class called "GestureManager" in your project, but maybe I'm wrong. If you want you can text me on discord (BlackStartx#6593) and I'll help you to fix the problem ^-^

BlackStartx Author 1557255549 ago

@Sergeant Mason, @Issa Bird, @Niyah, @Superjesse1, @floppiiiThanks a lot you all guys ^-^
I'm happy to hear that my script is saving you time or is helping :3

LaLaLaend 1557252208 ago

When i put the script in the project i can't use the playmode and says ''All compiler errors have to be fixed before you can enter playmode'' and i if i delete the folder it back to work '-'

BoredBoi 1557172657 ago

This has saved me from a few headaches, thanks brotha

floppiii 1557162549 ago

Thanks gay italian Boi

Superjesse1 1557131317 ago

Very cool, thank you

Issa Bird 1557107680 ago

but its good

Issa Bird 1557107673 ago

I THINK foxiiy is dudu

F0X1Y 1557100090 ago


NayuChan 1557099979 ago

it's good xD


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