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Kagikarp with lip Sync (add cubed shaders) Screenshot Kagikarp with lip Sync (add cubed shaders) Screenshot

5.9K Total Downloads

139.4K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


The strongest Pokemon of all time, the mighty Magikarp is now available as vrchat Avatar.
I made him working by butting a tiny human shaped skeleton with a big headbone inside of him so unity has something to put the avatar descriptor on. Magikarps head will move while you look around while the body stays in place because only the headbone has waight added to it.
Due to his small sice full body tracking isnt possible, also because the hands are invisible its probably hard to pick up stuff while using vr.
You can pretty much talk and move. Thats one thing more than a real Magikarp can do xD
You have to add cubed shaders by yourself becaus I sadly couldnt upload the package with them in it.

A good avatar to start conversations or to change into when getting into a fight with your friends just to hear the laughing begin XDD
Best thing, the mouth moves while talking ^^

Assets (6 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Magikarp/kARP WITH SKELETON and lip .fbx

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JocaBr1 1545508400 ago

karp karp karp! karp!

MTQ8 1519871923 ago

Can you please add fingers joints to magikarp rig because i am trying to add hand gesture effects but I can’t ,it need fingers joint to work:(

DarkSteel2077 1517978668 ago

It was the cubed shaders lol

Stumack Author 1517974168 ago

Did it work? If not, sometimes it forgets which textures to use. Select the magikarp and drag the textures onto it.

DarkSteel2077 1517973877 ago

Thank you. I forgot.

seabug 1517973744 ago

DarkSteel2077 Install Cubed Shaders:

DarkSteel2077 1517973642 ago

Hey so it might just be I'm stupid but why does mine come out purple???

NotK9 1517973552 ago

Yep, the settings for the lip sync were reset, I had to change it to what you said and change the face mesh to MagikarpM and add the rest of the visemes. After that it worked. Thanks for the great model!!!

Stumack Author 1517943294 ago

Dont know, It works fine for me. Maybe some settings resetted on while importing. Make sure under lip sync its set to viseme blend shape. Has anyonoe else that problem too?

NotK9 1517934354 ago

Great model! But i seem to have a problem, when I went to a mirror and tried to see if the mouth works my magikarp's mouth didnt move. it was just open. any idea why?

ShinyCyan 1517902412 ago

Raid Uganda, what a perfect idea ! I don't have Lust right now but if I can I'll gladly upload it ^^

Stumack Author 1517900380 ago

Thanks man ^^Feel free to gather all your friends an raid uganda with thisJust rememberCARP CARP CARP!!!Also if anyone wandts to make Lust from Fullmetal alchemist and upload her to this site I would be super thankfull ^^

ShinyCyan 1517900089 ago

You're a god, man. A. F!CKING GOD !!You have my eternal respect.


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