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Silver Fox in Pajamas Screenshot Silver Fox in Pajamas Screenshot Silver Fox in Pajamas Screenshot

2.1K Total Downloads

52.1K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Do you know that the word "fox" is "Kitsune"?
It comes from old japanese kanji which have the meaning "come to sleep", but is read the same way as "Kitsune", which is in the mythology of foxes becoming beautiful women and marrying.
The silver fox is tired and come to sleep. She is in satin pajamas, but maybe she is not ready yet for sleep. Lets together enjoy the fox magic!

Avatar has all gestures, dynamic bone, many inventory emotes for clothes removing, and is fix for full body. Please be careful in the public world.
Shader and animations are now in the package to make it easy, I am sorry for the inconveniences orz

Original model is made by @hena_sheep, and other parts are made by custom maid and modders. read "readme" for the credit
On this avatar, massager is made by "nekoace" from vrcmods and edited for new texture and less material.
Also in the package is Poiyomi Toon Shader v2.3.8
and Xiexe Inventory System

I do not include Dynamic Bone package. Please import it into the project if you have not yet.

Assets (142 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Misc/Rainbow Ramp.png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (30).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (17).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (35).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (37).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (32).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (31).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (36).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (33).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (5).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (6).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (16).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (9).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (7).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (9).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (18).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (4).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (39).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (22).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (42).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (34).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (38).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (15).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (21).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (27).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (29).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (3).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (19).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (8).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (20).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (12).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (1).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (3).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (13).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (28).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (2).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (6).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (41).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (4).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (25).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (23).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (2).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (40).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (7).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (10).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (26).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (14).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (1).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (24).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (11).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (8).png
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Matcaps/Matcap (5).jpg
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (12).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (16).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (9).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (2).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (7).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (14).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (5).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (8).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (11).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (1).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (4).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (15).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (10).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (6).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (3).TGA
/Assets/_PoiyomiToonShader/Textures/Noise/noise (13).TGA
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/銀狐.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/銀狐.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/emmission.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Readme.txt
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/Shadowramp1.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/ノイズ.ogg
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/マッサージャー.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/combined_image_9362937768.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/clothnormal 3.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/コットン.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PREFAB GingitsunePajama 1.prefab
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/combined_image_5448946484.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/サテンSatin.mat
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu.fbx
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/hitachi.fbx
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/combined_image_5699024369n.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/combined_image_5699024369.png
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/目を閉じて.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/居心地のよい.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Fist.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/お.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/OK.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/override.overrideController
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/ポインティング.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Enable Animations/HITACHI ON.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Global Animations/PANTS OFF.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Global Animations/SHIRT OFF.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Global Animations/PANTS HALF.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Global Animations/GET DRESSED.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Global Animations/SHIRT HALF.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Disable Animations/HITACHI OFF.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Disable Animations/PANTSU OFF.anim
/Assets/0 Tsufox Braid CM3D2/パジャマ/PJTsu/Disable Animations/BRA OFF.anim
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Ctrl_Disable.controller
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Ctrl_Enable.controller
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Anim_Enable.anim
/Assets/InventorySysPrefabEdited/Animations/Controller Animations/Inv_Anim_Disable.anim

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Ars3null 1599880898 ago

@furugitsune also can you make one of these foxes with street clothes?

Ars3null 1599077574 ago

i cant seem to upload this to vr... the other avatars you have sure... but not this one, it never completes... @furugitsune

Demonanos 1564219163 ago

great job could use some fixing on the arms. but it all good

Animemadhatter2021 1561934262 ago

@furugitsune AHHHH i can't wait lol.....again great Job.

furugitsune Author 1561853271 ago

@ToxicErrorI have tested and can not make the problem. I think it is maybe problem with vrchat upload, I have seen before on other model. Please try reupload, maybe it will fix.
Thank you. Soon I will make more.

Animemadhatter2021 1561847679 ago

let this be a new idea for all you model makers...STOP using hand gesture for these fun time models and START using the emotes instead its the smart thing to do and really ppl should have thought about that from the start. I always hated the fact that ppl that make these models keep putting stupid fortnight dances to them..with all that emote space you can be adding some really good fun time stuff and no one would no till you activate it ur self not through hand gestures but through the emotes instead...FANTASTIC IDEA. ok that all i wanted to see cause i love these models and me and my boy friend have fun with them.

Animemadhatter2021 1561847128 ago

@furugitsune i re-downloaded this and its all fix i have no issue in Vr and it works good with full body so i had fun with my boy friend and my boy friend thx you for the way ever one should be doing what you did with the emotes if ur going to do fun time models like this one lol WINK WINK instead of putting stupid dance moves that you see over and over again you did a great job and i hope you keep at it...BIG HUGS.

ToxicError 1561745412 ago

Ok One other problemWhen you turn your head in vr The head seams to lean making it look slim and skinny I really dont like how that does that I'm sorry aboutit tho but can you try to fix that as well?

furugitsune Author 1561696540 ago

I have updated the package and now include the shader, scene, and fixed animations if you did not have xiexe inventory system. Please download again if you had problems.

ToxicError 1561691040 ago

Sorry to bother but the avatars does not let me use the emotes And I was wondering if you could fix it please, I'm sorry if you get this a lot..

Animemadhatter2021 1561676589 ago

@furugitsune hi i used the shader you ask to use but she turns black....i by no means am good at unity i can upload thats it LOL...but anything else i suck...any ways i wish this model was not more suitable for development. she so cute. i would like to have had fun with my boyfriend hehehee *evil laugh*

furugitsune Author 1561653990 ago

@andy00 sorry for the trouble, I will check it. Please make sure to use the prefab and not to change name or filepath of the model, or it may cause the problem.Maybe it is easier with unity scene instead of prefab?

andy00 1561627048 ago

all animations in emotes do not work please test them before loading a model I hope you fix it yourself first


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