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Alastor The Radio Demon (MMD Model) Screenshot

3.7K Total Downloads

88K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


MMD model roughly converted for VRC
OCT. 12 UPDATE: Now requires Odd's SDK, Poiyomi Toon Shaders, and Dynamic Bones, as I added some to the coat.
I couldn't convert and include the mic/staff as I'm still learning. Any reworking/repairs are welcome! I only ask for a copy to upload to here.
Original model by SanDieMMD
Based on characters from Hazbin Hotel by Vizziepop

Assets (45 files inside Unity Package)


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Cellion 1574605467 ago

For the pink issue go from demon to body and in I Spector's you can see the materials as pink, change it to standard on everything and boom no more pink

Otto8th 1576526849 ago

For the Pink Shaders Problem, can anyone give a link to the correct shaders to use or are they in the DL as well?

Soriin 1574508680 ago

I'm too retarded to import this model so if anyone that did it successfully can allow me to copy it directly ingame i would be really grateful

louiehamper 1574286043 ago

So I am also getting the import issue where the model is pink, also pixelated and flat. Have loaded all 3 files before the Model

Pepeu577 1574194152 ago

So, when I import mine to Unity, the model comes pink, and when I try importing to VRChat, it says the performance is really bad :c

KingBurrito 1573606523 ago

I can do a good impression of alastor im sad to see i cant currently get this model and i also am no good at importing custom ones but hopefully one day i can get the model

nuclear54 1572684742 ago

I'd like to have the microphone staff even if it isn't converted yet

__Doc__ 1572645037 ago

Does this absolutely require Odds SDK? can I just upload the model?

Crimson Renegade 1572495048 ago

Is there a link available for Odd's SDK?

Crimson Renegade 1572471068 ago

How exactly are any of you uploading this avatar through unity if the model is 90k polygons?

PastaSparq 1572324610 ago

Hello, could you send me a download link to the original files so I may convert the Mic/staff and upload it to VRCMods? Thank you so much!

darkysabertooth 1572309032 ago

for some reason it shows up completely pink when i import it to unity

Lorisidir Giichi 1568649259 ago

Damn.. It's so good, but I can't get to install it properly, Unity keeps going slow.

Lorisidir Giichi 1568557664 ago

It begins.. The Hazbin Hotel Models are finally appearing..

ATGAZ 1563870730 ago

thank you so much i love hazbin hotel clips


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