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Team Fortress 2 Bread Screenshot Team Fortress 2 Bread Screenshot

1.9K Total Downloads

43.8K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


Hella Bread

Assets (33 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_cinnamon.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_baguette.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_baguette.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_plainloaf.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_ration.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_burnt.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_plainloaf.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_cornbread.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_ration.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_pretzel.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_russianblack.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_cinnamon.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_cornbread.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_burnt.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_crumpet.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_pretzel.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_russianblack.mat
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/c_bread_crumpet.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/Normals/c_bread_burnt_normal.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/Normals/c_bread_russianblack_normal.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/Normals/c_bread_crumpet_normal.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/Normals/c_bread_cornbread_normal.png
/Assets/Props/Bread/Tex Mat/Normals/c_bread_cinnamon_normal.png

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seabug 1579182246 ago

b r e a d

GhostY 1566110377 ago


NeganVR 1565363892 ago

let me stick my baguette in your vajon

PoptartKnux 1565358259 ago

Must fight the urge to make a "Lets get this bread" reference

Lego Star Platinum 1585135497 ago

"i have done nothing but teleport bread for 3 days"

rollthered 1565344104 ago

Good morning fellas


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