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PsychoUpdates Wolf Child Screenshot PsychoUpdates Wolf Child Screenshot

3.4K Total Downloads

82.6K Total Views

Asset Type Models and Props

File Type Unity Package


imagine complaining about an avatar covered in tattoos. XD

Make sure you upload the PoiShaders first before uploading the Model.

This model comes 100% ready to upload. It has the following features.

-Lip Sync
-Dynamic bones
-Eye Tracking

Join my discord for avatar updates / Assets / Models / Help-


Assets (30 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/WolfChild/tex/emision rib.png
/Assets/WolfChild/tex/image0 (1).jpg
/Assets/WolfChild/tex/image0 (2).jpg
/Assets/WolfChild/Shaders/Doppelgänger/MetallicFX/Textures/Metal normal 1.png
/Assets/WolfChild/Shaders/Doppelgänger/MetallicFX/Textures/Metal normal 2.png
/Assets/WolfChild/MATS/SLEEK (38).mat
/Assets/WolfChild/MATS/New Material.mat
/Assets/WolfChild/MATS/New Material 2.mat
/Assets/WolfChild/MATS/New Material 1.mat
/Assets/WolfChild/MATS/h 1.mat

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Derygo 1602574878 ago

I doesn't have t-shirt material

MethTechTips 1587302803 ago

The avatar is pink, how can I fix it?

Skittlesbeano 1573075799 ago


Manish 1569140468 ago

I like it :3

InfiniteWolf 1568251090 ago

Hey mg, Its infinite

WrathSkele 1567401734 ago

loving these WolfBoys from you, dude! the only flaw to them is that they aren't full body, which i can fix myself in a few seconds!

TheGamingFox 1567061820 ago

@Pshchoupdates. thx for the help. gonna find out how to use blender now.

PsychoUpdates Author 1567034089 ago

@thegamingfox yes^~^

TheGamingFox 1567032647 ago

@psychoupdates ooooh did you use blender for that? cus i tried using unity and it straight failed on me

PsychoUpdates Author 1567011139 ago

@thegamingfox i just took it off a model that had it XD

TheGamingFox 1566983775 ago

where did u get the tail? ive asked other creators on vrcm asked vrc reddit and no one knew. always seen them on avatars and want too try it out on a one im making for a freind. ^^

GhostY 1566110228 ago


PsychoUpdates Author 1565919826 ago

@Marshaik Thank you so much ^~^

Marshaik 1565882107 ago

why downvotes lol bc its a wolfboy probably but this one is a cute one and who gives a damn what ppl say or point out whats wrong with avatars, no one is perfect but be thankful there is a male avatar which there isn't much of any of them out there that looks good or worth downloading which I downloaded this and looks fine to me and weight painted on clothing a plus without clipping, right on.

BLG18 1565787738 ago

Diaper Boy

Scena 1565768393 ago

The Rig around the head is in a big need of clean up i don't even know where to begin.

truonganhtung 1565650559 ago

can you guy help me which shader do i need to use for this avatar?

BR Frenzy 1565627069 ago

Those tattoos make him look horrible.

hiimdoge 1565622119 ago

Personally i appreciate everyone who freely contributes avatars to this site for everyone to have. Its up to you to personalize the avatars you download here. There isn't much selection for good male avatars so i'm glad someone is sharing them.

redraven626 1565612189 ago

more generic identical shit. "just give em black hair and cover them tattoos. there is no creativity in this game anymore

Wendigo1 1565568780 ago

Aww so cute >.<

NeganVR 1565552572 ago



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