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Renamon By Lexidoll Screenshot Renamon By Lexidoll Screenshot Renamon By Lexidoll Screenshot

1.8K Total Downloads

46.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package

Marked as NSFW


This Avatar was made by: Lexidoll#1337
With viseme help from Spade#1000

Avatar is pre-setup for full body and with correct bone proportions for nearly perfect body scaling, Breast, Tail, Ass and ears all have dynamic bones applied to them and there are bone colliers in the avatar's hands, fingers and feet. (and the nose incase you want to motorboat yourself or someone else)

And full visemes (and a blend shape to flatten the chest)

You are free to edit and redistribute this model as you see fit and do commissions.
HOWEVER in doing so you ARE NOT ALLOWED to remove my credits from the model and if you do sell my model PLEASE become a member of my patreon to support me with making these models for free.

<3 -Lexi

(There was an issue previously where I was unaware you can't use sprite renderers on avatars, I replaced them with 2 quad meshes instead. little messy but it'll work for now. you should no longer have issues uploading)

Assets (35 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Avatars/renamon/Credit Asset.prefab
/Assets/Avatars/renamon/Materials/Credits 1.mat

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Razeicrum 1612603838 ago

which Sdk ?

Silent Hill Stalker 1587006904 ago

There is no Scene File

Silent Hill Stalker 1586927450 ago

Do I have your permission to add a chainsaw to her?

Cockobango 1575233354 ago

thanks sex time

Millionex 1571252888 ago

So how do I shrink the breasts. Sorry i am new to unity? Thank u ;3;

Lexidoll Author 1571180367 ago

I only left a shape key to shrink the breasts.Paid version of this model will be getting more shape keys for "endowment"

Millionex 1571172730 ago

I can change everything else's size except the Ass and b0bs size.

Millionex 1571172624 ago

It would let me change the b0bs size. How do I fix this?

tryaN 1570464163 ago

gaschamber time uwu

Tawna Bandicoot 1570452719 ago

ya know i had to do it to em

redraven626 1570449629 ago

i knew negan was a furry! XD

Lexidoll Author 1570437566 ago


Hell raven okuu 1570433569 ago

Disgusting ass furries

Lexidoll Author 1570420703 ago

Yeah so apparently I'm dumb, you can't use a sprite renderer on avatars. fixing it now

UnikWolf 1570404633 ago

I'm having a bit of a problem with the avatar not uploading

Vladislav T 1570390996 ago

Fap time

NeganVR 1570390232 ago


sexfornegan 1570389801 ago

T H I C C sex

Legoman99573 1570389370 ago


ToxicError 1570386272 ago

Thank you! I needed a renamon!

TommahawkGames 1570384905 ago

black sex

SnowballSB 1570384642 ago


Djpgirl 1570382846 ago

Beautiful ?


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