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Minecraft Player Rig v2.0 Screenshot Minecraft Player Rig v2.0 Screenshot Minecraft Player Rig v2.0 Screenshot

4.1K Total Downloads

73.4K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Supports the latest skin format in 1.14 including jacket/etc all over the body.

Sketchfab link:

Based on

Which is based on


1. Add your Minecraft skin in the "Skins" folder.

2. Change import settings for your skin. You want to set it up just like the other skins: Enable "Alpha Is Transparency", disable "Generate Mip Maps", set "Wrap Mode" to "Clamp", set "Filter Mode" to "Point (no filter)", and set "Compression" to "None".

3. If you want your avatar to have emission or specular textures, do the same as above, but disable "Alpha Is Transparency".

4. Create a new material for your skin. You want to set it up just like the other skins: Set "Shader" to "Standard (Specular setup)", set "Rendering Mode" to "Cutout", and assign textures as needed.

5. Create a new scene. Copy the contents of another scene to get started. Rename the object names and background text, and set the material in the character's "Body" -> "Skinned Mesh Renderer" -> "Materials" -> "Element 0".

6. Upload the avatar and enjoy!

Please do not use my "aaronfranke" skin, it is just there to be an example of how the rig works.

Assets (29 files inside Unity Package)


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littlebeaga 1587723803 ago

UV for left leg, left pants, and left arm are flipped and need manual adjustment. May not be that noticeable on *some* skins, but was on mine, so be aware.

MrQuyu72 1572178284 ago

Thanks for improving my Minecraft Model, appreciated.

Walker08_ 1689983682 ago

so is there a reason why I cannot upload the avatar even though I followed all the directions correctly?

seabug 1687066593 ago


CelestialAngel0 1677522254 ago

is there a alex version, one for 3 pixel width arms?

Eyae 1659728085 ago

all of the quest shaders break my skin

TheCaptainPit 1611534265 ago

how do i make the semitransparent parts of my skin actually semitransparent?

tyawesome111 1595988966 ago

(on quest) I downloaded this and got my skin on the steve version, but the poly count is 14k, too high for quest and whenever I try to change the shader to mobile from legacy all the pieces get randomized and it looks horrible. (help please)

DJ1001 1591412383 ago

Do you have plans of making a alex player rig?

aaronfranke Author 1585564774 ago

@master_builder75 For Quest you have to use a shader under the VRChat/Mobile category.

master_builder75 1584566412 ago

this is a great avatar and it is easy to change the skin if you follow the steps, I have only on problem, I play mainly on quest so I ported it over but when I did my skin messed up from the quest shaders, is there anyway to fix this?

aaronfranke Author 1578384504 ago

@FallingUnderPressure Read the description, the part that says "Change import settings for your skin."

FallingUnderPressure 1576286105 ago

my skin looks blurry when put on the model do have to make a copy that is less blurry? the size is the same as the examples provided so idk what is wrong.

Kimi Yagami 1575852290 ago

this is actually good i'd dl this

aaronfranke Author 1573844922 ago

@GameHunter What part are you confused or stuck on? Have you used the VRChat SDK before? If not, look up a tutorial on that.

GameHuonter 1573387693 ago

can you please make a video showing how to do this cause i'm confused

aaronfranke Author 1572482933 ago

@SomeGuy04: Whoops, I guess I forgot about that. I personally think it's fun to have such things but it's easy to delete it (it's a script component called VRC station).

SomeGuy04 1572230131 ago

Used it, and I noticed something, there's a sit component above your head which sometimes it force players to sit (sometimes), and also as I play on the Murder Game, it will lit all the spot causing problems to that world.

Lyeco 1572167456 ago

Mfw no alex version


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