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SMG Shoot + depth light Screenshot

1.3K Total Downloads

29.2K Total Views

Asset Type Particles

File Type Unity Package


vrcmods judges are retarded
okay so you need the depth light to see the decal
and you toggle the emission of everything marked in the particle system tab
not a crasher!

Assets (32 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Mochie's Uber Shader (Opaque).shader
/Assets/Mochie's Uber Shader/Ramps/Soft Edge.png
/Assets/kyouko prefabs/smg revamp/depth light.prefab
/Assets/kyouko prefabs/smg revamp/toggle emission of me.prefab
/Assets/kyouko prefabs/depth decal prefab/New Material.mat
/Assets/The Purge - Bellerina/Belle Bat/ground_16.png
/Assets/Anti-Theft/Theft Resources/GameObject27421.shader
/Assets/My Models/914 Yuumi Remake/decalcolor.shader
/Assets/KriptoFX/Realistic Effects Pack v4/Textures/Heat.png
/Assets/KriptoFX/Realistic Effects Pack v4/Textures/Smoke2.png
/Assets/KriptoFX/Realistic Effects Pack v4/Materials/Smoke2.mat
/Assets/KriptoFX/Realistic Effects Pack v4/Materials/Effect6/Distort Swirl Mobile.mat
/Assets/KriptoFX/Realistic Effects Pack v4/Shaders/RFX4_DistortionParticlesAdd.shader
/Assets/Resources/Images/fas_glow_long acute.png
/Assets/Resources/Materials/flash 6.mat
/Assets/Resources/Materials/fas_glow_long acute.mat
/Assets/Resources/Materials/fas_glow_debris 7.mat
/Assets/Public lewd model by foxy/Avatar lewd model/custom assets/shaders/Standard_Double-sided (1).shader
/Assets/tfa_doom_gauss/Mirza Beig/Demos/Fireworks/Scenes/Fireworks (Demo)/New Material.mat
/Assets/tfa_doom_gauss/Mirza Beig/Demos/Fireworks/Scenes/Fireworks (Demo)/ShellCasing.FBX
/Assets/Mochie's Particle Shader/MPS.shader
/Assets/Mochie's Particle Shader/Textures/Cloud.tif
/Assets/Models/Robo Loli/Textures/Metal Map.png
/Assets/Models/Robo Loli/Shaders/Normal Vertex Lit.shader

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Kimi Yagami 1577845349 ago

imagine saying nigger to a black person and they cant do shit about it

Real_OwO 1577907961 ago

i see ripped avatar BOI...... Assets/!/Avatar-CRASH-BELLERINA-QT-Asset-.file_d6c19d29-b282-404e-9015-e5703775dbc3.16.vrca/

KyoukoZ Author 1577827116 ago

well if u theoretically put a sub emitter on that it may be able to crash people

TNephilim 1588815474 ago

It's been so long i probably wont get a reply. but what did i do wrong? Everything looks good in unity but in vrchat i will have the muzzleflash on the weapon but the whole stream or bullets or whatever you call em point sideways and turn with my body

Red134 1578146122 ago


Red134 1578142909 ago

wtf so big and bright that i am considering using this as my new tank shell effect rather than smg

oof 1578039369 ago

imagine not knowing how to organize your folders propperly. :nigpensive:

xlBxss 1577861621 ago

sex cutie

NeganVR 1577831244 ago


Kimi Yagami 1577826929 ago

can be used with a crash tho "not a crasher"

KyoukoZ Author 1577825822 ago

well yea but it isnt

GoogleVR 1577825328 ago

sex (Ak i win reg


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