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12.1K Total Downloads

286.4K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Edit 20/02/18: Fixed the textures not being loaded on some computers. Also, I added the sketchfab-link ^^

Astolfo aka Rider of Black by Sukukimon

Link to original model:
Artwork by mist-to-sword
Link to original artwork:

Model converted to VRChat by Satsuki

List of features:
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Lip sync
- Eye tracking and blinking
- Dynamic Bones
-- Hair
-- Skirt

- Lance

- Gucci Gang
- X gon give it to ya
- Errrbody in the club gettin tipsy

Because of the limit of 40MB for the unity-package, I wasn't able to include the shaders in this package. You need to download it and import it yourself. IMPORTANT: You need version 0.17 of this shader for the model to render properly.
Download here:

All our uploads can be imported into the same project! You don't need to import the VRCSDK every time. Just be sure to import the shaders and Dynamic Bones only once! If you're not sure, just use seperate projects, that works fine as well!

Look here for a video on how to import the avatars:

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Assets (59 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Rider of Black.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/lance.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 3.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/lance.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/CustomOverrideEmpty 1.overrideController
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/pitch-shifted-DMX - X Gon Give To Ya (Deadpool Song) [Official Music Video] Free Download HD-[].mp3
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/rider dance 2.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 4.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 2.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Riderofblack.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/lance.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/[COVER] Gucci Gang-[].mp3
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 5.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/dance 1.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/rider dance 3.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 1.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 3.anim
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 6.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/rider dance 1.fbx
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/errrbody in the club gettin tipsy A RIP SNOOP DOGG-[] (1).mp3
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Dance 2.controller
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/三つ編み.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/ブーツ.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/眼.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/腰鶏.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/槍.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/上半身1.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/髪1.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/顔.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/髪2.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/胸当て.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/髪3.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/肩・腰アーマー.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/足.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Textures/手.png
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/上半身1.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/眼.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/槍.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/顔.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/三つ編み.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/足.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/ブーツ.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/髪1.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/手.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/髪2.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/腰鶏.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/胸当て.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/肩・腰アーマー.mat
/Assets/Avatars/Rider of Black/Materials/髪3.mat
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon Rainbow.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon Distance Fade.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Unit Shadowed.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Simple Gradient Sky.shader
/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToonInspector.cs

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TheL3wd0ne 1593994405 ago

@Satsuki do you think you can make it be compatible with Quest Shaders si it can be a Quest Compatible one

Rosaliexoxouwu 1644253934 ago

thse avatars are broken as shit

Satsuki Author 1533241015 ago

@Seulo it is a beta. We accidentally decimated the face, which broke the shapekeys.

Seulo 1533145316 ago

This model is really amazing, only problem is that the lip sync is a bit bugged, and the lips kinda break when you talk, or make certain sounds, like AH.

Cokey 1529020446 ago

i fucking love this model thank you so much for uploading

Satsuki Author 1526154119 ago


Satsuki Author 1526146597 ago

Hey, everyone working on a spring maid version for rider of black will have custom dances, cool flower staff and more :P should be out by next week.

Satsuki Author 1524771573 ago

Been gone for a while , for personal Reasons :P Ill be redoing this model and adding some more shortly :P

luciferion 1520352496 ago

good work.and, i hope my wife spend his life with laughing.i think this blink + blendshape is useful for happiness.but i can't find this blink modules. anyone have a good idea?

Murasame 1520342561 ago

Eye texture was fine for me. Thank you so much.

Jwguy 1519727462 ago

Broken Eye texture. Giving this one a pass.

NamelessRen 1519519614 ago

i spent 1 hr fixing the Model's texture and sound, after a while i finally made it work

Viscoun 1519396272 ago

@kkyzero you can delete the ONSPAudioSource components, as i mentioned above. the sound will still work.

kkyzero 1519346781 ago

downloaded the shaders and the model but its not letting me upload it, keeps saying "the following component types are found on the avatar and will be removed by the client :ONSPAudioSource" but wont let me continue

MiKo 1519266634 ago

The avatar is great, the only problem is the lip syncing. It looks kind of messed up

Viscoun 1519224520 ago

as @Znack noted it doesn't work with the latest SDK. to resolve this you can delete the ONSP components by going into the hierarchy (menu on left), clicking on the rider dance 1-3 objects, then using the inspector (menu on right) to remove the ONSP audio source components.

xiggy 1519191096 ago

the lipsyncing is off, theres some weird-ass clipping

jose 1519171665 ago

@Radelos How do I get this version of VRCSDK? I have the 2018. version.

Radelos 1519162224 ago

@Znack am using VRCSDK-2018. for this and works with it. Also @erased use the sdk that i write in to upload it, and btw you wont see the animation in the mirror but if you look on your character it moves and makes sounds. Its like this for me

Znack 1519158934 ago

What SDK is needed? The following component types are found on the Avatar and will be remoced by the client: ONSPAudioSource

erased 1519158720 ago

I used the correct version of the shaders and now it works like a charm. Only issue is neither the custom animations nor the emotes are working.

Radelos 1519158574 ago

@erased just use an invisible texture, i though too that there is an extra texture for that face part but there is not. I put in Defaul-particle texture and worked for me. Play with it a bit

erased 1519157056 ago

Yeah, that's what I said. It works in unity but the eye texture is messed up ingame. I loaded the shaders of course. Ugh, I just realized I needed an older version of the shaders than the one posted this morning. My bad, I'll test it again.

Hau5master 1519156595 ago

It works! Anyone having issues with the face make sure to use the right version of Cubed Shaders that's in the description. I loaded that up and it all looks good, testing ingame soon.

erased 1519156501 ago

Alas, never mind. The eyes still don't work ingame although they do in unity. guess I'm waiting for the author's reply.

erased 1519154046 ago

Whoops, just fixed it by moving the 5th material on his face. Any help on making the animations work?

erased 1519153767 ago This is what it looks like on my system. Is it a general issue or am I the only one to experience it? Also, the animations aren't working for me in the game.

erased 1519153319 ago

The eye textures are awkward. They don't look eyes at all. I downloaded and applied the shaders, but I'll wait to see how it looks like ingame.

Akira Yamaoka 1519116326 ago

por que ta blanco?, eu apliquei o material, e ainda continuou blanco :,(

Radelos 1519099960 ago

i mean its the base body mesh thats just missing textures i think but am still missing face texture O_o ??? Also i did not find the blinking animation in there so that´s also missing

criminal bitch 1519095051 ago

looks good !

SFXacidic 1519091550 ago

No (Open Me) file or anything to boot up an avatar and so forth to work on it.

NamelessRen 1519089026 ago

the model is all white and yes i added the shaders but its still all white

EcLyPsiaZ 1519087737 ago

Yee still white for me aswell, putted shaders in there, and you can look through her tho...

AnimatGaming 1519086651 ago

still white for me


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