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Novakid Starbound by DeathAngle - Facerig Screenshot Novakid Starbound by DeathAngle - Facerig Screenshot Novakid Starbound by DeathAngle - Facerig Screenshot

1.6K Total Downloads

38.6K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Due to an upload error on vrcmods I cannot upload the avatar so I have it hosted here
Email [email protected] if any questions or issues.
There is an issue with the dynamic bones not loading, do not know why but there is an image of the configuration in the link above.
Novakid avatar that I commissioned Deathangle17#1426 to make.
Extracted from Facerig using offzip and a script by Zaramot.
Has dark, yellow, blue, pink, red and white configurations.
Original model and more assets avaliable from my archive

Rock and roll - Show guns
Victory - Spin guns
Handgun - Shoot right
Fingerpoint - Shoot left

Dynamic Bone
Mochies Uber

Novakid from Facerig
Lemat Revolver from
Realistic Effects Pack 4 Demo
Realistic Effects Pack 3 Demo
Impacts and Muzzle Flashes Demo
Kandol FX Demo
ActionVFX Burn Mark Textures Vol. 1
Particle Ingredients Pack
Puffy Smoke
Real Materials Vol0
HoloShield Shader

Assets (8 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/White Hot.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/Blue O.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/Pink Plasma.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/About.txt
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/Red Sun.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/READ ME LINK HERE.txt
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/Yellow Sol.unity
/Assets/Avatars/Novakid Starbound - Facerig/Dark Star.unity

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hyrneson 1584580978 ago

now there will be more than like 5 novakids in vrc, very cool

kujojo 1594430501 ago


HahaWoah 1592641999 ago

The textures arent loading for me, anyone else having this issue?

Lumacy Cube 1588829020 ago

Hey, I'm importing the Dynamic bones in, but unfortunately the scripts aren't loading into the places on the avatar. What is the root, the amount of gravity, etc?

Godzephose 1586819288 ago

i loaded the current latest version of mochi. Do i need a earlier one to make the textures work? Im in the 2018 version of unity by the way.

sup 1585137121 ago


Godzephose 1584648192 ago

what shaders are needed for this?

Samurosauro 1584638508 ago


Jujuju 1584618432 ago

put me a target on dat chicken cause my chikcen prices be through the roof..

NeganVR 1584576013 ago



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