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Corpse V-Bot 3.0 Public Screenshot Corpse V-Bot 3.0 Public Screenshot

1.8K Total Downloads

42.8K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


This is a version of the V-Bot I designed for a discord server. Why 3.0 you ask? That is Because it is a more optimized V-Bot 2.0 with a single set of 4k PBR Textures and EQ Bar Visemes, plus this bot has only 1 material and was textured in substance painter. So It looks good and performs good as well!

Assets (23 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/V-Bot 3.1 Public.unity
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Mat/Body Red.mat
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Tex/Red Standard/Body_AO.png
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Tex/Red Standard/Body_Normal.png
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Tex/Red Standard/Body_MetallicSmoothness.png
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Tex/Red Standard/Body_AlbedoTransparency.png
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Tex/Red Standard/Body_Emission.png
/Assets/Corpse/Public Bot/Model/V-Bot 3.1 Corpse.fbx
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Public Override.overrideController
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Anims/Sit Idle.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/Front Flip.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/Slower Point.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/OJ.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/Freeze Flip.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/TPose.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/Backflip.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Default Model Assets/Emotes/A Slower Backflip.anim
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Editor/Corpse_Splashscreen.cs
/Assets/Corpse/Public Assets/Editor/CorpseModelUpdater.cs
/Assets/0 Avatars/! Corpse/Floor Tex/Floor Met.png
/Assets/0 Avatars/! Corpse/Floor Tex/Floor Red.mat
/Assets/0 Avatars/! Corpse/Floor Tex/Floor Albedo.png
/Assets/0 Avatars/! Corpse/Floor Tex/Floor Emissive.png

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NoMorexTosca 1588661899 ago


GamertAg 1588660627 ago

absolutely not.

Rin boy 1588648180 ago


Bradster 1588563267 ago

Your weight painting is questionable and so are the visemes, a cheap imitation of the original from YBotHaven.

Ni 1588479604 ago



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